Brady Quinn Bowl: Flushed!

You’re hearing crickets everywhere but South Bend because the know-it-alls who began the season declaring the NFL’s worst teams (Raiders, Packer, you know who you are.) in the running for the Brady Quinn Bowl have shut theirs mouths. The ND QB is sure to be a fine pro, but is anyone still thinking he’s a dead-lock No. 1 pick over Ohio State’s Troy Smith? Thought so.

You’ll never hear him described as a matinee idol (a la B Quinn and his predecessor, Matt Leinart), and I don’t have to say why. But it says here that unless another cheapskate team gets the No. 1 pick in the 2007 NFL draft and refuses to take the obvious guy because they don’t want to pay him, the Buckeye QB will be the first new pro to be welcomed to the NFL by rookie commish Roger Goodell.

I know, the college season has a long way to go. Here’s the two-game comparison:

Brady Quinn  – 48-for-74 (64.9%), 3 TDs, 0 INT QB rating: 138.7

Troy Smith – 35-for-51 (68.6%) 5 TDs, 0 INT QB rating: 194.2

The only “knock” against is one of those NFL bugaboos: height. He’s 6-1. “small” for a pro QB, while Quinn, at 6-4, fits the prototype. So consider this the first place where you’ll read, He won’t be able to see over his linemen!

Joe Montana was 6-2. I’d take my one-inch chances.


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