Theme for NFL 2006: I’ll Show You!

BasebrawlKoichi Kamoshida, Getty Images

After Week One, this much is clear: If there’s an NFL theme for 2006, it should be The Proving Season. Or better yet: I’ll Show You

Whether he likes it or not, Michael Vick must finally prove that he’s a QB who can win, not just a QB who can fill a Highlight Redel. But he not alone among NFL QBs hoping this is the year when demons are purged, labels laid to rest or misconceptions debunked.

Steve McNair is looking to prove, at 33, he’s got another Super Bowl run in his aging body. (The Ravens are my dark-horse pick.)

David Carr hopes to prove the Texans were right to pass on hometown legend Vince Young. (There’s nothing he can do to explain passing Mr. Bush.)

Donovan McNabb is looking to prove less (or no) T.O. is plenty. (But he’ll have to do it by doing more of what Vick must do less: Run.)

Ben Roethlisberger will be looking to prove there is life after stupidity. (He can ask the Vikings.)

Byron Leftwich is looking to prove he’s the better of the league’s two Marshall alumni; NY Jet Chad Pennington being the other. (They’ll face-off in JVille on 10/8)

And Brett Favre is looking to prove that, well, he can he as stubborn as he wants to be. (Leaving is never pretty.)


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