The Manning Bowl: Potty Training, etc

The best part about the conclusion of the Manning Bowl was that I didn’t have to see any more grainy home-movie footage of Peyton or Eli as little pigskin-throwing tykes. I love ’em both, but NBC soooo overdid the Brotherly Love theme and the endless shots of Daddy Archie and Momma Olivia looking absolutely miserable in somebody’s luxury box. Archie later said it wasn’t all that bad because “there was going to be some good news and some bad news no matter the outcome, so I was at least guarenteed some good news.”

The Giants face the Bucs on Oct 29. Do you think FOX will give us the same kind of sappy theme for this Brothers Barber (Tiki v. Rondai) showdown? Please. This one’s even better because RBarber, a Bucs Dback, will likely actually trade helmet paint with TBarber, the Giants top rusher. The closest the Mannings got was during the postgame handshake.

Up in the booth for NBC’s Off-Broadway debut – and its way-over-the-top theme: “Football Night in America” – my question is: Who built that set? Bob Costas and Crew looked like they were sitting way too far apart, like someone didn’t shower or something. C’mon, fellas, show each other some love. Where was my former colleague Peter King, the most knowledgable football reporter in America. I must have sneezed and missed him. And would someone get my friend Bob a higher chair.


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