Still Super Streaks, Super Streaks …

When’s a streak not really a streak? Better yet. When’s a streak still a streak even when it’s been broken, supposedly.

Tiger went down today to a guy who’s hardly won anything. NOTHING in ’06. Shaun Micheel thumped T-Man 4-and-3 in the opening round of the World Match Play Championship in England, which not only made Micheel the freakin’ man for a day, but also had the other tournament survivors turning cartwheels in the locker room because for once they won’t be playing for second-place cash. “See the smile on my face?” said Michael Campbell.

(Tom Hevezi / Associated Press)

Tiger had won five straight tournaments, the longest run of his career.

But here’s the thing: The PGA Tour only recognizes PGA Tour events. The WPC isn’t one so – voila! – the Tiger Streak That Matters (five straight PGA Tour events) is still on. His personal record is six straight PGA events. He plays his next, the American Express Championships, in two weeks in London. And he’s still going home to Elin.

Then there’s the other streak: Yankee icon Derek Jeter’s 22-game hitting run, the longest streak by a Yankee sicne Don Mattingly hit in 24 straight 20 years ago. (Lawd, has it been that long???)

Jeter extended his streak last night against the Deveil Rays with a single in the first inning. But if you ask me, that hit was No. 1 in a new streak. Why? Because the night before Jeter walked three times and got hit by a pitch in his four trips to the plate. But because none of them went into the books as Official At Bats, it was as if he never played. Hooey! If you go to the plate four times and don’t get a hit then the streak is done on this blog. Kaput.

No matter anyway. No one’s threatened Joe Dimaggio’s 56-game mark in my lifetime. Jeter won’t break it until 16 games into the 2007 season. If he makes if that far, I’ll be there – with my *


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