Saturday Spin 9/16

What I learned from today’s college football games:

* That I’d better study up on Auburn, Louisville and West Virginia

* That I don’t have to listen to any more lip from Notre Domers about how the Irish will play for the national title

* That Brady Quinn (24/48, 248 yards, 3 TD, 3 INT, in embarrassing stomping by Michigan at home) is out of the Heisman race – unless Ohio State QB Troy Smith (21/30, 205 yds, 2TD), Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson (34 carries, 213 yds, 1 TD) and West Virginia RB Steve Slaton (21 carries, 195 yds, 2TD) are all abducted by aliens.

* That I could actually root for Nebraska – at least for a quarter

* That Texas Tech ain’t all that

* That Lloyd Carr doesn’t deserve to have anyone question him again – ever

* That Penn State must have been looking ahead to today’s matchup against Youngstown State when they got pistol-whipped in South bend last week

* That Rutgers (3-0 for the first time in a quarter century) may be the biggest turnaround story of the season

* That Oregon’s frog-green unis actually look cool when they’re winning (but boy are they lame when they’re losing)

* That Duke can’t wait for basketball season

That’s it. I’m out.


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