Who’s the Best Manning Now?

The most telling image from the Giants’ spectacular comeback against the eagles in Philly Sunday occurred in the moments after Baby Brother’s desperation heave nestled into the hands of Plaxico Buress to give New York a pretty dagum shocking 30-24 overtime win. The giddy – and in most cases, completely exhausted – Giants surrounded their third-year QB and embraced him as the conquering hero.

Baby Brother had connected on 31 of his 43 passes, thrown for 371 yards and netted 3TDs with but a single INT. In the final minutes of OT he even ran the “no-huiddle,” a la Big Bro.

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Yes, he was sacked eight times. Yet clearly we’re witnessing the maturation of another great QB. I said today on “Daily News Live” that he’s “on the precipice” of being as good as Big Bro.

I thought host Gary Apple’s head was going to explode. He thinks Big Bro is the galaxy’s best QB, and I’m not inclined to disaagree. But after two games here are the numbers:

Big Bro: 51-of-79, 676 yards, 4TDs, 1INT rating 103.1

Baby Bro: 51-of-77, 618 yards, 5TDs, 2 INTs rating 101.5

Looks pretty much like a “precipice” to me. Yeah, it’s early. But now at least the Manning-Manning Family Matters is worth watching.


One thought on “Who’s the Best Manning Now?

  1. No mention of Syracuse’s win this weekend after losing 11 straight and this Win on the road . The team is looking promising
    Worth the eye

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