Whose Crime is it Anyway?

From the beginning of what we now know as the BALCO investigation, my question was: Who exactly are federal investigators going after?

Go to fullsize image For a time it seemed as if the answer was BALCO founder Victor Conte and anyone who helped him sprinkle pixie dust (among other goodies), guys like Greg Anderson. Then it seemed as if the target was BB. Not sure exactly whom he pissed off (Okay, yes I do: Old Business Parter, Ex-Girlfriend, the IRS …), ans there’s no doubt BB brought much of this storm upon himself, but for a long, long time it seemed the millions were being spent to bring down baseball’s next home-run king. Seemed like an awful lot of my money being spent on one man.

Now, I’m not so sure who the feds want. Tonight the two San Francisco Chronicle reporters who wrote myriad articles on the investigation and the Cliff’s Notes for the saga – known to bookworms as Game of Shadows – were sentenced to the maximum 18 months for refusing to reveal the source of leaks regarding confidential grand jury testimony.

U.S. Judge Jeffery White said jail was the only effective means of pressuring reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams to provide federal prosecutors with the evidence they need to …


Who cares who the source of the leak was? Okay, it’s illegal and yeah they should be prosecuted, but, man, what’s the end-game here?

Can somebody tell me?

Judith Miller served 85 days for refusing to testify in the investigation into the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plane’s name.


One thought on “Whose Crime is it Anyway?

  1. lester says:

    hasta la vista baby!

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