Saturday Spin 9/23

What I learned on a pretty ho-hum day* in college FB:

* That Tyrone Willingham, now 3-1 at Washington after the Huskies defeated UCLA for the first time in the 21st century, deserves to smile. He deserves more, but we’ll settle for a smile. For now.

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* That there cannot be nine teams in the nation better than LSU

* That Georgia, which won a game it didn’t deserve to win, certainly isn’t one of them

* That Iowa is gonna scare some people

* That Virginia Tech, a throw-in when the ACC raided the Big East awhile back, may have the last laugh in that down conference

* That the Heisman race remains unchanged: Ohio State QB Troy Smith, Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson and West Virginia RB Steve Slaton (though Slaton fell back a bit with only 80 yards and no TDs against East Carolina). Florida QB Chris Leak is creeping into the hunt.

* That my alma mater, Stanford, needed more than a new stadium; MUCH more

* Which brings me to this: Florida fans are beginning to embarrass themselves over the not-so-veil preference of some Gator fans for backup QB Tim Tebow over Leak, the senior starter. Tobey is a legend in Jacksonville, having compiled stupid stats as a local high-school star. Gator coach Urban Meyer inserts Tebow, a hulk of a specimen at 6-3, 235, at strategic times to change the pace. He’s a QB with the size, speed and attitude of a fullback. He’s exciting and excitible. He’s got a bright future. But Leak has done things no Florida QB has ever done and is currently the undefeated starter on the No. 5 team in the nation. Yet tonight before a national TV audience on ESPN, some Gator fans booed when Leak was reinserted into the lineup in the fourth quarter following a couple of exciting plays by Tebow. The fans were rightly lashed by ESPN announcer, including color man Todd Blackledge,a former QB himself. “What do they want?” he asked of the fans. Leak is African American; Tebow is not. Neither of these young men deserve to be part of such madness.

*Today’s is my anniversary, hence the short post…I’m out.


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