‘Nuff Said: Your Katrina Dollars at “Work”

As the Saints prepare to return to the renovated Superdome Monday evening, it’s good to know that the millions earmarked to repair and rebuild New Orleans ate the Gulf Coast are being spent wisely. That’s right. Wisely. Take this heart-warming note:

The AP reported this weekend that the state of Louisiana is about to spend $500,000 to replant trees on the Tournament Players Club Louisiana (below), which is owned, in part by the PGA Tour. The state also spent millions to construct the New Orleans-area course.

 The half-a-mill line-item was buried in the state budget, which passed earlier this year and was signed by Gov. Kathleen Blanco. It called for the money to be used to replant “tress and other native plants due to losses sustained from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.” The item did not name the course.

The pork was requested by Rep. John Alario (D), chair of the House budget writing committee. He was quoted thusly: “It’s important to show this course is in first-class condition [when the Zurich Classic comes to town next April.”

Hmmm, we could all think of a few other items that might be higher on the “important” lists of most Gulf Coast citizens.


7 thoughts on “‘Nuff Said: Your Katrina Dollars at “Work”

  1. businessgolf says:

    I’m sure you are going to mention the matching funds the PGA is going to make to this effort of bringing the TPC back up to shape so they can come to town to bring in millions of dollars more into the Louisiana economy and a few words on the personal contribution the Tour Players and their families are making to not only to this effort but to many, many of the Katrina rebuild efforts. I am sure you just left this out to keep you post short, didn’t you.

  2. Thanks, businessgolf, for your response. To answer your question, No, I didn’t leave those points out because I just wanted to keep it short.

    Regarding your first point, I’d be more impressed if the matching funds went to further rebuilding efforts OFF the course. And please don’t bore me with the “bring millions of dollars more into the Louisiana economy…blah, blah.” I’ve covered sports for many years and believe all events “help” the areas. But in this case it sounds pretty condescending to argue that those dollars spent on overpriced food on the course are going to help the locals who need it most.

    On your second point, we all know Tour Players, along with every other group of pro athletes on the planet, contributed in no small way to relief efforts. Bravo. That does not mitigate the fact that the course is accepting $500,000 in public funds that could certainly be better spent elsewhere in the New Orleans area.

    Again, thanks for your post.

  3. businessgolf says:

    I really wish I could agree with you, but I can’t. And sorry to bore ya with the fact that those public funds was just to get the ball rolling for more funds to be rasied and will go a long way in supporting the thousands of members of the PGA, LPGA, golf course superintendence, maintains workers, vendors and supporting industries, and all of their families, who all lost their jobs to the damage caused by Katrina. I am sure these golf professionals who make a living from the game there in Louisiana would be appreciative of being able to work there in Louisiana and will putting more than that $500K back into the local economy each month.

    And from what I was told my the PGA is that the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised from those over inflated drinks and food at this years event, plus the hundreds of thousands of dollars the touring professional who played at the event donated from their personal funds all went directly to the Katrina Fund that is supporting everyone but the people in the golf industry there in Louisiana.

    I’d say getting a 300% to 400% ROI is a good move on Louisiana’s part.

  4. That’s the great thing about America, bizgolf, we don’t really have to agree. You have your say. I have mine. In the end we’re both blessed.

    It’s all good. Actually, the PGA Tour doesn’t HAVE to accept the $500,000. Perhaps they could say, “We’ll re-plant our own trees,” and tell the legislators to re-direct the funds to true Katrina relief.

    Now THAT’s a move we could we could probably agree on.

  5. businessgolf says:

    Yes, I can now agree wtih you on that… Have a great day.

  6. bill says:

    very insightful read, thankyou.

  7. My Home says:

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