Too Ben, Too Soon?


Is anyone else wondering whether Steelers coach Bill Cowher played Ben Rothlisberger too soon?

The Super Bowl-winning QB sat out Game One sitting to recover from an appendectomy and continue healing from the near-fatal motorcycle accident we all now know about. Backup Charlie Batch overcame a slow start to lead the Steelers to a 28-17 win over a weak Miami team. Ben returned under center for Game Two and has stunk ever since.

In losses to Jacksonville (9-0) and Cincinnati (28-20), Ben may be the worst starting QB in the league. He’s not completed half his passes and has 5 interceptions and not a single TD. His QB rating is an abysmal 34.3, so low it doesn’t even register on, which lists only the top 30 QB ratings.

I’m not a doctor and don;t even play one on TV. The Ben is not well. I can see it. You can see it. Can’t Bill Cowher see it?


One thought on “Too Ben, Too Soon?

  1. rachel says:

    the deals on those bats is good

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