T.O. 2day

If you thought this would just go away, please turn in your card. Please. This story has more legs than Fashion Week. Today, Publicist of the Year Kim Etheredge trashed the cops after they released two versions of their report on her client’s encounter with authorities on Wednesday The later report omitted Etheredge allegedly describing T.O. as “depressed,” and all the other juicy parts. Why? No one’s saying yet.

But yesterday Etheredge claimed she never said T.O. was depressed, and today she ripped them again, saying, “I am just upset that I just feel they take advantage of Terrell,” she said. “Had this been someone else, this may not have happened.”

Dallas police responded with aplomb: “The officers reacted because they were called to this location to do this job. Now they’re being put under a microscope by some fancy little football person,” Senior Cpl. Glenn White said. “Give me a break. Those officers are 10 times better than this man. … We police officers don’t go out to these calls and make stuff up.”

Some fancy little football person…wow.

A few hours later, Dallas police officially ruled the incident as an “accidental overdose” and not a suicide attempt. So as far as they’re concerned, they’re through…no doubt in more ways that one.


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