T.O. 2Day

For those who speculated, or expressed their hope, that T.O. seek counseling, well, at least he’s found a couch:


Further revelations that T.O.’s “depression” (not his publicist’s word) stemmed from his fiance’s decision to cut of their three-year engagement earlier this week, and his inability to see his seven-year-old son on the kid’s birthday highlight T.O. 2Day. The insights where provided by T.O.’s long-time trainer, 55-year-old James (Buddy) Primm, who gave the Dallas Morning News his views on why T.O. wigged out. It got him fired. Today, T.O. canned the trainer:  “He shouldn’t have said anything about my personal life – period. If I can’t trust my own trainer, I can’t trust nobody,” Owens told the DMN.

You can almost make feel for the most complex man in sports. Publicist Kim Etheredge said her client had “25 million reasons” not to kill himself, and yet those millions – and the millions earned by other athletes – do not guarantee a single moment of contentment. Yet another reminder.


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