Note to Managers: Keep Your Head Down

Got any last words?

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“Tis the season for the whacking of baseball managers. Buck Showalter was the fifth guy to take the blade since the end of the regular season. He was fired today by Texas Ranger Rich Guy Tom Hicks. Showalter, who’d been there for four losing seasons, joins Frank Robinson (Washington), Joe Girardi (Florida), Felipe Alou (San Francisco) and Dusty Baker (Cubs) on the bread line.

Girardi will likely have a job before I finish typing this sentence. The rest of the group might be hard pressed to get a managing gig, at least next season. Baker and Showalter might need to spend a year as TV Talking Heads before some manager realizes that they’re still smart baseball men. Robinson, sadly, is likely done. Perhaps Alou, too. But hear this: All young players should be required to spend an evening with both of these baseball treasures before being allowed to set foot in the majors.)


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