Saturday Spin 10.7 Plus: Tiger-Yankee stunner

I was yanked in so many directions today – college FB, MLB playoffs, Fox’s incessant T.O.-returns-to-Philly promos and Flavor of Love re-airs – it was hard to focus. But this is what I learned today about college football:


* That coaches should not whine about being shut out of the national championship picture until they’re that their teams is actually in the national championship picture. No. 2-ranked Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville complained earlier this week that he and his SEC cohorts would be unfairly shut out of the title picture because their conference holds a title game while many other conferences do not. Then his team goes out and gets spanked by the young Hogs from Arkansas, the un-ranked Hogs. With a dominant rushing attack. led by tailback Darren McFadden (145 yards) and savvy leadership from freshman QB Mitch Mustain (love the name!), the Hogs won 27-10 and it diddn’t seem that close. Congrats to my good friend and Pig-Soooey faithful, E. Lynn Harris. He says he’s “still in shock.”

* That it might be awhile before OU beats Texas again. Despite his success (including a national title), the clock may start ticking soon for Sooner coach Bob Stoops.

* That Wisconsin RB P.J. Hill is worth watching. He ran for 249 yards in the Badgers’ 41-9 shellacking of pitiable Northwestern.

* That West Virginia (5-0) is the second-best team in the country, not USC (who may actually be No. 4 behind Florida). And that their sassy RB Steve Slaton (182 yards rushing) just might be pulling neck-and-neck with Ohio State QB Troy Smith in the Heisman race.

* Okay, one baseball thought: Words cannot describe the magnitude of the Tigers 3-1 elimination of the Yankees. Two great pitching performances in games 3 and 4 beat what was suppose to be great hitting. Thirteen straight losing season beat the most legendary and decorated franchise in sports. Wow. I feel for Yankee fan Spike Lee; all he has left now is the Knicks. One more thing: Did any of the millions of black people in Detroit get tickets to the Game???



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