If Yankees Lose, Does Torre Survive?

This is pretty unbelievable. Murderers Row is shooting blanks.

The Yankees got snuffed by the supposedly overmatched Detroit Tigers Friday night and now trail their first-round, ALDS two game to one. They were bedazzled by Kenny Rogers(!), who hadn’t beaten a team in pinstripes since before my 12-year-old son was born.

The Yankees were 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position, 0-for-18 with men on base. Has A-Roditis become contagious? The best lineup money can buy lost to a guy who was supposed to crinkle under pressure. A 41-year-old guy who looked like he needed a shave.

Instead, Kenny Rogers pitched the game of his life.

Now, only Jaret Wright, not exactly the type who makes opposing lineups quake in their cleats, stands between the team favored to win the World Series and one of the biggest upsets in baseball history. A loss that might just cause Yankee owner George Steinbrenner to consider – yes, consider – a managerial move. Torre has one year and $7 mill left on his deal. It could be a generous severance for perhaps the best manager in Yankee history. With for Yankees Lou Pinella and Joe Girardi looking for work….

This is why the last weeks of the regular season mean nothing. Detroit couldn’t beat a Little League team – otherwise known as the Kansas City Royals – during the final weekend of the season when just one victory would have earned the division title. St. Louis also stumbled into the postseason but is poised to sweep San Diego out of the playoffs today. The Padres and the Dodgers were baseball’s hottest teams own the stretch, but with the Dodgers also starting at elimination toay, it looks like both peaked when it mattered least

I guess there is a post-season switch -one both the Tigers and Cardinals seem to have found.

Should the Yankees lose this series, it would be even worse than losing the 3-0 lead to Boston two years ago. The Tigers were, as Detroit manager Jim Leyland so adroitly put it, “a JV team” with no chance of beat the vaunted Yankees.

They may yet lose the series, but with a 2-1 lead and solid young hurler Jeremy Bonderman, 23, going in Game 4 today, well, get your popcorn, It could be history.


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