Torre, A-Rod: Goin’ Goin’…

The New York Daily News is reporting what I suggested in this space two days ago – that Joe Torre will not survive losing to the underpuppy Detroit Tigers in ALDS (the worst playoff defeat in Yankee history) and will soon be replaced, probably with former Yankee Lou Piniella, after 11 years as Yankee manager.


Joe Torre will be elected to the Hall of Fame sooner than George Steinbrenner can say, “You’re fired.” But it’s time. Despite four World Championships – but none in the last six season – it’s time for the Yankees and Torre to toast their success and move their separate ways.

Is Piniella the answer? Perhaps. With Joe Girardi out there, is he even the best answer? Maybe not. But after hearing some of the things I heard from the losing locker-room on Saturday night it seems clear these Yankees need to be shaken up, starting with the manager.

But that should only be the beginning. This team lost because it lacked pitching. Until someone disproves baseball’s biggest cliche – good pitching beats good hitting – we should no longer buy into any more “Murderer’s Row” lineups. Yankee fans figured no matter who was on the mound the Yankees would outscore their foes. Even I believed the Tigers would not have the wood to out-slug these Yankees. Turns out they didn’t need the wood; they had the heat.

Young Tigers with flame-throwing arms, and a Kenny Rogers no one had ever seen, rendered the Row rudderless.

A new manager may be the right move, but it should only be the first move. Then dangle Mr. former MVP out there and get some arms.


2 thoughts on “Torre, A-Rod: Goin’ Goin’…

  1. I’d argue that the Yankee collapse in 2004 to the Red Sox in the ALCS was the worst playoff defeat in Yankee history, but I’d agree that replacing Joe Torre is a necessary move for the Yankees.

    Torre just could not seem to get this group of players to respond, and the quickest way for ownership to send a message is to change the manager.

    It would be a mistake to stop there. A-Rod needs to go, he is a distraction. No matter how much he tries to fit in with his teammates or how much he achieves on the field, it won’t be good enough… he’ll still be the highest-paid player in the game, and everyone will expect more from him than he can possibly achieve. Get rid of the disappointment and the distraction.

    Rebuild the rest of the team, and remember to diversify. (The San Diego Padres just proved that you can’t win with good pitching and no offense, either.) For $200+ million per season, you should be able to get defense, pitching AND hitting.

  2. You make great points all around. This will be intriguing to watch. I think George should not just jump immediately to Lou. He should give Joe Giradi a good look, as well. For the long-term the latter may be a better choice.

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