T. W.H.O.?

The game actually lived up the hype, as hard as that is to imagine. But not for the reasons Fox touted Terrell Owen’s return to Philly as if it were the Second Coming.

Eagle corner Lito Sheppard iced it in the final ticks with a 102-yard TD interception two plays after fellow corner Michael Lewis resuscitated the Deadboys with a 57-yard pass interference penalty that put Dallas on the Philly 6 with D needing a touchdown to tie. The INT gave Philadelphia a thrilling 38-24 triumph and sent T.O. the heck outta Dodge.


Owens had just 3 catches and 45 yards and zero TDs. His best chance to dance came on the game’s next-to-last play when Bledsoe tried to hit T.O. in the back of the end zone but the ball hit the crossbar. Owens probably would have caught the ball out of bounds anyway.

After that play T.O. was T.O. For the second time in the game – or at least the second time the camera caught him – the player pulled off his helmet and charged onto the sideline while screaming vulgarities at a Cowboy assistant. The coach feigned not hearing T.O. but you know he did. And you know he’s not the first assistant to feel T.O.’s wrath.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images
We’ve seen this movie and it never ends well. Never.


2 thoughts on “T. W.H.O.?

  1. A. Morgan says:

    I totally agree with u Mr. Johnson, I wish they could do away with all the B–s and just play football. I understand about publicity and advertisement, but personal the personal life of a player really does not intrest me in the least bit. JUSY PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. From your lips, A., to the ears (and fingers) of sports journalists everywhere.

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