Tick… Tick…

Little new on Joe Torre Watch, Day 3.


New York Daily News reporter Bill Madden, who broke the story Sunday saying Yankee owner George Steinbrenner would fire his four-time World-Series champion manager after losing to the underdog Detroit Tigers in the ALDS, said today he expects the owner to make his move “within the next couple of days.”

In the meantime, George is huddling with his minions. What could they be discussing? File this under Done Deal.

The key is locking up former Yankee Manager Lou Piniella before asking Torre to make a graceful exit. Piniella is being wooed by at least two other teams, and one report says Texas is blowing the ink dry on an offer. Given his druthers, Piniella would snatch the Yankee gig but it has to be on the table first.

Somehave asked: Why not Joe Girardi? The exiled manager of the Florida Marlins, and former Yankee, may the the NL Manager of the Year but was fired after conflicts with the marlins owner. Girardi is sure to be hotly pursued. But just a few years removed from being a teammate of many of the current Yankees, he’s still too close to this bunch to command the kind of respect needed for a new skipper. This is not a bunch of young guys; this is perhaps the most veteran, headstrong lineup in all of sports. Girardi would get eaten alive. He’ll likely get the Cubs job.

Maybe he’ll ask Torre to be his bench guy…stay tuned.


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