The Boss: Mister Softee?

I love dueling tabloids. Those of you not in NYC don’t know what you’re missing. Two days after the New York Daily News reported exclusively that Yankee owner George Steinbrenner would fire manager Joe Torre after the team’s Debacle in Detroit, the rival New York Post is reporting that Torre will not break his lease. A source told the NYP, “It looks good for Joe,” and that the manager will meet with the media today at 1 p.m. to announce he’s fulfilling the final year of his contract.

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Personally, I think it’s a mistake. After 11 most glorious seasons, Torre’s tenure seems to have run its course and the Yankees were in need of an emotional overhaul, starting with the manager. (They need some new, young, healthy arms, too, but that was for later.) The manager made too many curious decisions in the post season, from starting Gary Sheffield at first base to dropping former MVP A-Rod from sixth to eight in the lineup without telling anyone, including the player.

Torre deserved a more graceful exit that the frenzy that engulfed this city for the last few days. Team officials, including GM Brian Cashman, lobbied publically on Torre’s behalf. But Steinbrenner, 76, should have made the move. The toughest boss in sports seems to have gone soft.


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