Baseball Gangsta Style?

David Stern would never stand for this! I must’ve missed the memo ordering major-league ballplayers to start wearing their pants as if they still needed to go to the tailor. But I began to notice this season that baseball pants are not only now being pulled all the way to the ankle – hiding those distinctive baseball stockings that gave baseball unis a unique flair – but some players actually have so much material gathered around their ankles I’m afraid they’re going to trip over themselves trying the get out of the batter’s box.

Warren Spahn Baseball’s OG styled stockings

Photo                                                                                                Is Cliff Floyd even wearing stockings?

Perhaps this is the only way baseball players can express their homage to hip-hop style. NBA players have bagged out their shorts – though after some players started sporting shorts that looked like long skirts, Stern issued an edict requiring shorts to be at least two inches above the knee. Now MLB ball players are wearing their pants bagged around the ankles.

I’m having a hard enough time trying to keep my son’s shorts from being bagged-out around his hips every morning. Now this!? Can MLB help a Daddy out?


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