1,000 Words

Last week, Muhammad Ali made a rare public appearance when he and his wife Lonnie announced they were endorsing Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm in her up-coming re-election bid. Some close to him have said that Ali is not doing well. Granholm is trying to overturn the state’s ban on embryonic stem-cell research, which could aid in finding a cure for Parkinson’s. Ali has suffered from the disease for two decades.

Photo AP         The Gov and The Greatest


One thought on “1,000 Words

  1. Linda Harris says:

    You posted on top of the two pictures of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, Fall from Grace. Ali has not fallen from grace, he is sick he has an illness. He is still the greastest of all times in the eyes of billions of people. Mike Tyson is a common street brawler who had the opportunity to change his life and ruined it. How could you compare the two.

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