Wee Wie

Keep repeating after me: She’s only 17. She’s only 17.That’s just about the only reason not to declare former wunderkind Michelle Wie as the biggest bust of ’06. We’ve watched her for so long, and seemingly known her for so long it’s easy to think she’s much older. So accuse me of age-ism but I’m cutting her a small slice of slack because the kid isn’t out of high school yet.

That said, Michelle Wie must make major improvements next year or she’ll start to become known as the most over-hyped disappointment in the history of women’s sports.


Wie and caddie looking for yet another wayward drive Sunday
Wie shot 75 on Sunday in the final round of the Samsung World Championship in Palm Desert, CA, her worst score of the year and her eighth straight round without breaking par. She finished 17th in the 20-player field. Early in the tournament she actually whiffed a shot.
About the only good coming out of this Lost Wie-kend was that the tall Hawaiian didn’t finish last, as she did in her last tournament, a pitiable performance against men when she shot a 79 and missed the cut at the European Masters. That was her ninth missed cut in 1o men’s events.

Can we please cease and desist any more characterizations of Wie as the LPGA’s Tiger Woods?

I’ve long been a Wie fan. I love her swing. Her drives are still mouth-gaping. And her cute teen-aged shyness just makes a daddy’s heart warm. But like other golf fans, I’m done withthe Wie-against-Men Tour. And I’m starting to agree with many of her early critics who said Wie needed to learn to beat women before she can realistically compete against men.

They are so right. Now it seems she just can’t compete at all.

“Obviously, I’m not feeling as wonderful as I did,” Wie said on Sunday. “Like I said before, sometimes we have to take a step back in order to move forward.”

Her parents and other advisers better re-think their strategy now because if Wie steps back much further, she just may tumble over a cliff.


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