Saturday Spin 10.28 (Jerry West is Smiling)

Finally, it’s interesting:

Oregon State LB Dennis Christopher celebrates with students following the Beavers' stunning 33-31 upset of USC.

Unsinkable Southern California? Not anymore. The Trojans should drop in the polls like a loser on “Blind Date” after their shocking loss to the Beavers (the Oregon team with unis that don’t make you puke) on Saturday afternoon. Their loss opens the possibility that the West Virginia Mountaineers could actually play for the national title. WV (J West’s alma mater) is undefeated and ranked No. 4 in the BCS. Their “season” lives or dies on Thursday when they meet No. 8 Louisville on unfriendly turf. Should the Mountain guys win and then run the table, they could conceivably earn an invite to the title game because Nos. 1 and 2 are set to square off on Nov. 18 when Michigan travels to Columbus in what just may be the true title tilt.

The other caveat is whether poll voters will give WV its due, being their the M’s are a Big East school, a league least among many in football. Some voting snobs might give the tilt to one-loss teams from larger conferences. Hogslop. If West V gets past L-Ville and finishes without a loss, they should square off in January against the Ohio State Michigan winner. Period. End of BS.


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