A Fool and His Season Tickets …

“I am not racist at all. I am a minority myself and I have a lot different races of friends. In fact, sometimes we call ourselves the United Nations….I’m pretty offended that he is calling me racist when he does not know who I am and based on one comment.”

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And what part of this isn’t racist?

Hooman Hamzehloui, the above-quoted speaker, is a fool, and if he is offended by that remark so be it.

He’s the long-time Orlando Magic season-ticket holder who was ceremoniously – and oh so rightly – separated from his ducats this afternoon after he admittedly called Houston Rockets backup center Dikembe Mutombo a “big monkey” during a recent exhibition game at the TD Waterhouse arena in Orlando.

Mutumbo, the 17-year veteran from Kinshasa, Zaire – and one of the most humanitarian athletes on the planet – heard the remark and had to be refrained from entering the stands.

Hamzehloui was ejected and today it was announced that he not only loses his precious Magic tickets but is also banned from attending any NBA for the entire NBA season.

You go, David. This is how you deal with knuckleheads, swiftlty and emphatically.

No one called Hamzehloui a racist. But was he said was stupid and racist. And if he does not know that then he should mostly be offended by what he sees in the mirror.


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