The Early Returns …

At least some of the prognosticators were right. Jut as predicted, the Republicans got, in the President’s own words, “thumped” Tuesday night. As for the NBA prognosticators, the results aren’t shaping up to be as predicted.

Even before the season began, almost everyone engraved one name on the 2006-7 MVP award: LaBron James. Ooops.

Okay, the season is only four games old, but right now my vote is going to New Orleans/Oklahoma City point guard Chris Paul.

Through the Hornets’s first four games, the second year Wake Forest wiuzard is banking 17.5 points, 10.8 assts and 1.5 steals every night. (That’s a more than 3-to-1 assists-to-turnover ratio for those of you without a calcualtor – or a brain) He’s also shooting 50% from the field.

And yes, the Hornets are winning. The Hornets, one of the league’s worst teas last season, won their first four games. With Utah playing at new Jersey tonight (and losing as I type) we could all wake up tomorrow with the Hornets as tshe NBA’s only unbeaten team.
“We’re still trying to build an identity,” Paul said after the Hornets’s last victory, at Golden State. His ID is already solidified.


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  1. whitney roberts says:

    i heart u

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