Strike a Pose, Ray

Teams win games, and lose them. That’s partly why I call the Heisman Trophy the most overrated award in sports. It’s supposed to go the the best college football player in the nation. Period. But forget that. It goes to the best QB or running back on one of he best teams in the country. Moreover, a great player and viable candidate can be eliminated simply because his team loses. Even if he has a great game. And that’s not right.


This year, two men have been appointed as the only legitimate Heisman candidates – No. 1 Ohio State QB Troy Smith and Golden Boy Brady Quinn, the Notre Dame QB. Forget that the best player in the nation just might be Georgia Tech wideout Calvin Johnson. The Wreck are only 7-2 and languishing in the bottom half of the Top 20. How on earth could the BPITC (Best Player in the Country) play for such a low-life.

Listen to me: If Ray Rice, the Rutgers running back is not among your top three legitimate Heisman candidates, your cable will be turned off.

Rice, a homie from my ‘stead in New Rochelle, led the Scarlett Knights to the biggest upset of the 2006 college football season tonight. He carried the ball 22 times for 131 yards and two touchdowns against No 3 Louisville to lead the undefeated 15-ranked Knights to a stunning 28-25 upset in Piscataway. (Check Mapquest.)

The sophomore now has more than 1200 this season and 13 TDs. More important, the Knights are unscathed, and they’ll no doubt be among the Top 10 in the next poll and poised for a BSC game.

Right now I’m loving Ray Rice. He just may be poised to pull another upset.


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