Ray-Ray Plays the Race Card

Ray Lewis is a smart man. He didn’t just go there blindly. He never uttered the R-word. And he didn’t use the phrase that resides in the recesses of our minds like that spot in the back of our heads that we just can’t see in the mirror: If he’d been white
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Ray Lewis, the ferocious soul of the Baltimore Ravens, played the race card last week when he insinuated that if Steve McNair, his new QB, had been  Brett Favre or Peyton Manning he would not have been shut out of his former team’s workout facility during the offseason.

Ray-Ray didn’t smack the Race Card on the table like the ace of spades or the double-sixes in dominoes. With a wry smile and knowing expression he just slipped it onto the table like something special from the chef. But we all knew what he meant.  If McNair had been white ….

The Titans were hurt, and trotted out their history with Warren Moon, McNair and now Vince Young to show their true colors. And commentators all over the place claimed McNair was not a victim of racism. They were probably right, but sometimes you’ve just got to play it. And watch them squirm.


3 thoughts on “Ray-Ray Plays the Race Card

  1. Daryl says:

    > If someone sticks you with a pin, and you say ouch! Would you expect the offender to ask you, “Why did you scream”? This is today’s psychological conditioning of African Americans. We are trained not to acknowledge racial predators. If we make none that we have been the victim of racial perpetrators, The dominant culture yells foul, and raises the red flag. This is an ingenious trick of white liberals. In the words of Chuck “D” and Public Enemy, “Don’t Believe The Hype”..Racism is very much a factor in the lives of African Americans whether you make 9 million or 9 thousand dollars a year. We have been and are now a problem to America. Yes I said it. Yes I did!

  2. Bettye Jacobs says:

    Thank you Ray Lewis. It’s time the players start speaking up about things you know and see that are
    wrong. Where are the Black Cheerleaders? When
    there is a Black coach’s team playing, why don’t the
    camera man show them shaking hands at the end of
    a game?
    Why didn’t McNair say something? Again, Thanks
    Ray Lewis. Thanks!

  3. Michael Cunningham says:

    Thank you Roy for writing the story, and thank you Ray for your comments about Steve McNair. Let’s keep it real, racism in America is live & well. For all the positive things that Steve did for the Houston/Tennessee francise, how in the world cold they justify treating him the way they did. This is some food for thought: The Green Bay Packers gave Brett all the time he wanted to make up his mind weather or not he was going to return to the team which caused problems for the new head coach. He took his sweet time to make his decision. Why, because he is Brett (white man). If Brett was a black man, that would not have happened. For those of you out there who don’t believe what I said, just look at the history of some of the black NFL quarterbacks in the past. James Harris, Joe Gilliam, Doug Williams, etc.. They were great quarterbacks, but in the eyes of fans and society, they were just another player. I my not see it in my life time, but I will be so excited when racism goes away. I said it !!!!!!!!

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