White Man From Another Planet: Myles Brand

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This man – Rensselaer ’64 – says our kids is gettin’ dey edumacation.

Myles, Myles. As the president of the NCAA, I know you don’t think we’re stupid, so let me just clarify something for you. When people talk debate whether student-jocks are graduating or not, they’re not talking about rowers or fencers or even volleyballers. They’re going to be fine. They didn’t go to college to pursue the dream of being a pro-jock. The debate centers around your revenue-drivers: football and basketball players. Period.

You were almost giddy last week when you told us student-jocks were graduating at a rate two-percent greater – 63% to 61% – than student-students. You called any notion that schools were not educating student-jocks a “myth.” I wasn’t there but it sounded like you might’ve even stuck out your tongue.

Not buying it, Myles. Buried in your data were these ugly truths:

* Fewer than half of all college basketball student-jocks are graduating.

* Only 42% of African-American college basketball student jocks are graduating

* While 64% of college football student-jocks graduate, fewer than  half of African-American college football student-jocks are graduating

Myles, Myles. Forget the tennis  jocks, the crew jocks and swimming jocks. No one’s worried about them. Until black student jocks in college football and basketball are graduating at the same rates and those who fill the stands to cheer for them, you have absolutely nothing to brag about.


One thought on “White Man From Another Planet: Myles Brand

  1. Carleen Paramore says:

    Mr. Johnson,
    I know you like Soccer, so can we get a little something about the NCAA soccer tournament. I have a son going to the Final Four for the first time.

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