O.J.: Don’t Buy It, Read It, Watch It. Got It?

RSJ Alert (11.20.06): Fox just came to the same realization everyone else had already drawn – that their ugly decision to air a special interview with O.J. Simpson was a stupid idea. The network announced it was canceling the show and Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch apologized to the families of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson for “any pain” the network’s decision may have caused. He called it an “ill-considered project.” Duh. Heads should roll for this mess, but I doubt they will. From CNN: O.J. Simpson book and TV special canceled

It’s difficult to find a low so low I was torn whether to even write about it. Doing so is just what they want. It is the very reason – that and the paper – they dove to the pits of pitdom. Judith Regan is the scum/book publisher and purveyer of depravity who’s behind this junk. She knew we’d buy, read, watch. O.J.? He’s, well, O.J.

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I still don’t know why we cheered for him. Correct that: Yes, I do. Years of abuse by America’s criminal justice system made us crazy. Made us blind. Made us cheer for a man who had abandoned us long ago just because he beat The Man.

Now I didn’t sit in the courtroom, so I cannot say whether O.J. should have been convicted. I do know the late Johnnie C kicked Marsha’s butt, which is most of all why we’re in this pit now.

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By now you’ve probably heard that Fox – and this is low, even for that network – is airing a sweeps special later this month in which O.J. supposedly confesses. The special is promoting a book O.J.’s own attorney, Yalae Galanter, says he didn’t know his client was doing. And he’s pissed: O.J.’s Lawyer Calls Book Profits ‘Blood Money’ (Newsweek)

O.J.’s being interviewed by the aforementioned Ms. Regan.

All I’ll say is this: Don’t Watch. Don’t Buy. Don’t Read.

And for all of our sakes: Don’t cheer anymore. He didn’t deserve it then, and he certainly does not deserve it now.


4 thoughts on “O.J.: Don’t Buy It, Read It, Watch It. Got It?

  1. Wayne Stutts says:

    Great post. You are right on

  2. Jake McDonald says:

    Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch’s apology to the Goldman family is, as Mike Tyson would say, ‘ludicrous’ . Murdoch nor his staff can feign ignorance on this matter. It wouldn’t surprise me if Murdoch never intended to air the program. Let’s face it there’s no such thing as bad press. And this fiasco has been a news magnet.

  3. white says:

    America is operating under a democracy government,so OJ has the right to do anything.OJ is not a murderer,the jury verdict said is not guilty.”if i did it,these is how i would have done it”these is not a confession.

  4. E-Cross says:

    I just want to know who has read the book? How can so much bad press

    come out over a book, that no one has read. I don’t think O. J. is that dumb.

    He is a smart businessman. Haven’t we heard don’t judge the book by it’t cover.

    why do we hate O.J. so much? If our courts say that he is not guilty. Then

    for goodness sake leave the man a long. Get over it.

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