Clarity Saturday: The Spin

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Poor Scarlett. At least now we know all Rutgers debates can cease. Great season Scarlet Knights, but after being exposed by Cincy (especially QB Mike Teel, who threw 4 INTs) the words “Rutgers” and “national,” “title,” and “game” are hereby banned from being used in the same sentence.

One other thing we now know: the Big East is a damn good football conference

We also now know Troy Smith is the undisputed Heisman Trophy winner. Anyone else invited to NYC for the coronation is simply coming to spectate.

And we know Arkansas is the Rutgers of the Heartland – a year away from gaining the respect needed to reach the title game. Too bad because America will love Hog QB Casey Dick.

We know the winner of next week’s scrum between USC and Notre Dame is likely to get the second invite to the title game – no matter what Florida does. The Gators, despite saturday’s thumpin’ over an overmatched opponent, have simply not been impressive enough this season, despite their 9-1 record. Perhaps impressive wins over Florida State and Arkansas can overcome what’s in voters hearts. But not likely.

A side note from an Okie: Sooner QB Paul Thompson deserves some kind of award. OU was supposed to be Sooner dead after starting QB Brett Romar was suspended just before the start of the season for accepting money for an off-campus gig he never showed up for, an NCAA violation. Thompson, a senior, had been unimpressive in two seasons, completing only 19 passes. This season he’s been the glue that’s lead the Sooners to the most impressive 9-2 season on the books. He’s converted 61 percent of his passes and thrown for nearly 2000 yards with 15 TDs with only 6 INTs. Save for a botched replay official’s call at Oregon in Week 3, the Sooners would likely be among the one-loss teams scratching for a piece of the national title. And that’s with losing star RB Adrian Peterson two weeks ago for the season. Thompson has been a poised leader and kept the Oklahoma heat from perhaps boiling head coach Bob Stoops.


One thought on “Clarity Saturday: The Spin

  1. Domer03 says:

    You’re dead on about Florida. Not impressive at all.

    Go Irish! Beat SC!

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