NFL: No Fashion League?


Seems like it took an act of congress for the NFL to allow Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio and San Francisco’s Mike Nolan to dress like grown-ups. Both coaches had to get approval from the league to don suits on the sidelines rather than those dorky logo-ed shirts required by the game’s marketing honchos.

I’m down with the throw-backs. I grew up watching Tom Landry and other coaches standing out in their sartorial splendor amid the palette of muddied violence that marks the game. They were cool, clean and clearly in charge. Too bad we’ve become so trapped by licensing deals we can’t see the value of cool style on the sidelines.

Approval was finally granted when Reebok, which designs the every-Sunday coaching attire, agreed to design the suits, as well. No we’ll all run out and buy Reebok suits just as fast as we were buying a Denny Green ‘Zona shirt. Not.

As for who looked the best, the edge goes to Del Rio (above). The baby-blue tie was a nice accent.

Nolan (below) looked like a Blues Brother wannabe, but it was till a nice start.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Nolan looks on from the sideline against the Seattle Seahawks in the second half of an NFL football game in San Francisco, Sunday, Nov.


One thought on “NFL: No Fashion League?

  1. Nolan would have been perfect if he’d channel Lou Saban and shouted: “They’re killing me, Whitey, they’re killing me!”

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