Michael Vick: A Vince Young Wannabe

RSJ Update: Today, a contrite M. Vick apologized once again for his “dirty bird” gesture towards fans on Sunday. Watch it: http://broadband.espn.go.com/ivp/splash?id=2677545


My wife punted on Michael Vick ages ago. Tired of waiting for the game’s funky QB to become the player Vick’s fans want him to be, she announced, “I’m through” sometime last season and never looked back. On Sunday, the rest of America may have joined her Ex-Vick Club. Vick was not only woeful in the Atlanta Falcons’s 31-13 thrashing by New Orleans (2-for-24, 84 yards, 0 TDs) but he was even uglier after the game. He flipped the single-finger salute to fans as he disappeared into the tunnel, an action that was caught by CBS’s cameras and by numerous shutterbugs (see below).

He latter issued this apology: “First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my inappropriate actions with fans today,” the quarterback said in a statement released by the Falcons. “I was frustrated and upset at how the game was going for my team, and that frustration came out the wrong way.”

The true beauty of this day was that while Vick was imploding, an image of what his followers always hoped he would be was emerging in Nashville. Vince Young, Tennessee’s rookie QB, staged the most improbably comeback of the season to lead the Titans to a thrilling and shocking 24-21 victory over the stunned New York Giants.

The Titans, a young team thats eems ot be getting its act together, trailed 21-0 going into the fourth quarter. But Young, the first QB taken in the 2006 draft, engineered four successive scoring drives.On the first drive he mixed the run and the pass masterfully, interchanging long runs with short passes before hitting wideout Brandon Jones for a 14-yard TD.

On each drive, Young was in full command (Eli, were you watching from the other sideline?). He waited patiently for his receivers to work their routes, used his legs to elude would-be tacklers, worked the clock like a veteran, and ran with a style that might be respectfully called “shifty,” unhurried, not dynamic (see: Vick) but stunningly effective.

When the Titans got the ball back with :23 on the clock following a INT by Pacman Jones of a pass Eli will have nightmares abut for the remainder of the season, Young completed two short passes for 18 yards, enough to move his team to within field-goal range. The 49-yarder won it. Young completed 24 of 35 passes for 249 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs. He also ran for 69 yards.

Yes, this is the infamous salute.

Young, now 4-4 as a starter, is quickly becoming everything Vick should – and could still – be. But like my wife, I’m tired of waiting – especially when there’s a new Young Gun in town.

V. Young: Gamer

M. Vick: Scoundrel




7 thoughts on “Michael Vick: A Vince Young Wannabe

  1. traveltime45 says:

    After reading about Michael Vick and the soon to be super star Vince Young, As a retired Major League Baseball Player I am not surprised about what mike is going through and how vince has taken the starting job. Please allow for me to have the opportunity to educate black America about what really goes on behind the closed doors not to play the r-card, but only to tell the truth.

  2. spchrist says:

    Although people will point out that Jake Plummer did the exact same thing about two years ago, Vick’s miscue is worst…here is why:

    1) Vick is a star. 1a) Jake Plummer is not.
    2) Vick is the NFL’s highest paid player. 2a) Jake
    Plummer is in a much lower percentile.
    3) Vick has a huge fan following in Atlanta and around
    the NFL. His jersey is also a major seller for the NFL
    and he graced the cover of Madden 2004, which is the
    most popular sports game in the U.S. 3a) Denver fans
    can’t stand Plummer (he’s marginally recognized
    outside of the 303 area code) and with every turnover
    (fumble or interception) the call for Jay Cutler got
    louder. You can’t give away Jake Plummer’s jersey to
    anyone and he’ll never be on the cover of any popular
    video game series. He simply isn’t that good.

    With the star-status, the big-time contract and the
    fan base of the country’s most popular sport, you are
    expected to perform at a high level on the field and
    conduct yourself with grace off the field on your work
    day. Vick did only 1 of 2 on Sunday and his crime
    (giving the middle finger with each hand at different
    times while walking towards the tunnel) was caught by
    the television cameras, which only magnified his major
    transgression. I believe Plummer got $5,000. I expect
    Vick to get probably double…maybe even $15,000
    because of the aforementioned reasons. The NFL, or the
    No Fun League, doesn’t like copycats especially when
    it is something that makes the league look bad in its

  3. Vick is Cunningham.

    All athleticism, all over the place, unfortunately has become all hype.

    No line, no receivers, no intelligent coaches.

    So much talent, so much money, so much potential.

    Too much scrutiny? Too much ability? Too much leeway?

    Where is the offensive continuity? Where is the protection? Where are the crisp routes to garner separation?

    No confidence in anyone, so he runs and thus gets slammed by anyone and everyone.

    Hmm, sounds like the majority of society.

    Here’s a link to an article I wrote in April regarding the Bonds witch hunt. I also allude to what Vick is going through now.


  4. Jake McDonald says:

    Vick should have saved that finger for the one who really needed it. It’s no secret around Flowery Branch this year’s implosion was going to happen. The players knew it, most of the other coaches knew it, but the head coach and his right hand man were oblivious to it. When building a football team becomes more about politics instead of playmaking abilities the handwriting is on the wall. The players know, even though hold the company line for interviews, just how bad the situation has become. Vick’s frustration with the team has spilled out on more than one occassion (see interview transcript on HBO). Ironically, something must have been said to Vick on his way to the tunnel by someone other than the heckling Saints fans. Immediately after the game Vick appeared cool shaking hands and posing for pictures with Reggie Bush and other Saints at midfield. so the bigger question is what set him off in that short 60 yard trot?

  5. Daryl says:

    I know that the discrepancy or argument concerning the African American QB
    is a cultural one. African American QB’s were never “pocket” oriented. They
    were always encouraged to run when nothing was available. When I played Pop
    Warner, the coaches were always looking for mobility in a QB. A mobile QB is
    another weapon that the defense must prepare for. I really resent the cultural
    bias I here from broadcast and print journalist concerning African American
    QB’s. They are attempting to define how the position should be played. This they
    cannot do. A few years back, they felt that Dick Butkus had the linebacker
    position defined until the arrival of Lawrence Taylor. Now mind you, African
    American linebackers always played the position like L. T. Bill Parcels just
    gave L. T. the freedom to play the position the way African American linebackers
    always played the position. What disturbs me is that I hear and read more
    African American journalists putting our young promising QB’s through the ringer
    with their biased cultural perspective. A perspective derived from mainstream
    journalist. It’s like we used to say back in the day, “Throw the dirt, and
    hide your hand”. This is what the mainstream broadcast and print journalist
    have done through the lips and pens of the African American journalists. I
    would like for you to point out the cultural approach to the position as to how
    we are taught and encouraged to play the position, and how the white culture has
    approached and defined the position. A Black QB will not simply stay in the
    pocket and get killed. They are taught to make something out of nothing This
    double standard must cease. If Fran Tarkenton received major “daps” for his
    ability to scramble, so should our QB’s!!

    I wish I could write it as eloquently as you…..Smile

  6. trey says:

    vince young is a pimp!!!!!!!!!!!$$$

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