Smith v. Leak: An Historic Duel

Ohio State v Florida

Ohio State and Florida will play for the national title on January 8. It’s the right call. I’ve been prety public about my lack of enthusiasm for a rematch between OSU and Michigan. The first encounter was a classic, but it wasn’t “Psycho,” my favorite film. So, thankfully, I won’t have to watch it again.

The game will mark the first time two African-American QBs have started in a BCS championship game. Heisman sure-to-be-winner Troy Smith starts for the Buckeyes. Chris Leak, the most under-appreciated QB in the nation, starts for the Gators. In January 1994, two black QBs also squared off for the national title when Nebraska’s Tommie Frazier lost to Florida State QB Charlie Ward.

Pundits will no doubt say the game will be an OSU blowout. It would be easy to agree, if you hadn’t witnessed UCLA’s shocking 13-9 upset of USC on Saturday, which put the Gators in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

Leak will have much more to gain that evening. A four-year starter, he’s 34-11 behind center, has beaten rivals Florida State and Georgia three times each, won the SEC title, and holds school marks in completions and total passing yards. And yet he was often booed by Florida crowds, and this season his backup – freshman hot shot Tim Tebow -received all the love. Outsiders speculated that racism was at the heart of Florida’s Tebow-fest. But Leak should class by never buying into it. He’s been a supportive mentor for the freshman.

When he arrived in Gainsville four years ago as the most coveted QB in the nation, he announced that he would have no time for a girlfriend until he won a national title.


Looks like Leak, 21, might have to win a national title to cement his place as one of the greatest QBs in Florida history. And that just might be worth rooting for.

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Gamer: Chris Leak

Scoundrels: Some Florida fans. (You know who you are.)


13 thoughts on “Smith v. Leak: An Historic Duel

  1. Jake McDonald says:

    Florida fans are no different than Auburn, Tennessee or other fan at the D-1A level. Peyton Manning never won the national championship yet he gets more love than Tee Martin in Knoxville. Jason Campbell was maligned every year at Auburn and the Tigers failure to achieve fell more on the inabilities of the head coach than his unassuming QB.

    And let’s not forget the UCLA coach being slighted by ABC.

  2. Juan says:

    I guarantee that if FLA wins (which they won’t), Leak will be an afterthought to Urban Meyer. Just prepare for it.

    The CBS commentators (I think Lundquist and Danielson maybe?) during the game, discussed how without Tebow , their backup QB, FLA does not get this far. Hmmm…

  3. Leak is a better brother than me. I can see Tebow getting a series in each game, sort of how Petrino groomed Briam Brohm as a freshman, but to put Tebow in at critical junctures of the game? Nah, we’d have mad beef. As for that lack of girlfriend, somebody needs to tell Leak that that’s why you win a national championship. For the beautiful girlfriend. Seriously.

    One note about Tee Martin though. In all fairness to the University of Tennessee, which as a Cal alum makes me grit my teeth, I was on their campus about three years ago. If I’m not mistaken, beside the monstrosity of a stadium (which when America goes the way of ancient Egypt, Neyland Stadium will still stand), there is a statue of Tee Martin. So I think they recognize his contribution.

  4. HoneyBee says:

    Its not JUST the NCAA its the NFL, NBA, etc.. The city where I live, there has always ben a white head coach who just isn’t passing the grade, however, “they” seem to see fit to allow these good ole white boys have these positions. I often pondered, why should race matters, if a black man can do the job just as good, if not better than any white man. As “they” should see, race (color factor) isn’t winning games. So “they” are just cutting off their nose to spite their face. How dumb!

  5. matt says:

    They didn’t say that without Tebow, Florida wouldn’t have gotten this far….they said without LEAK, Florida wouldn’t have gotten this far. It was something like “if Tebow was their every-down quarterback, Florida wouldn’t be here”.

  6. imani says:

    well florida won so gator nation is lovin chris leak right now. nobodys even talkin bout tim tebow

  7. taylor harvey says:

    you are the fines thing boi you rock and your sexy at the same time call r8

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  8. jenny says:

    does chris have a girlfriend yet, if not i’m available:)

  9. kiki says:

    Chris in fact does have a girlfriend. I saw them together at the Orlando Magic game. She is an Orlando girl. I thought he could have done a bit better. In Gville I know there are way better looking girls.

  10. king says:

    KiKi: What did Chris leak’s girlfriend look like? Give a man some details?

  11. TK says:

    Hey King, Chris’ girlfriend looks just like him. They look like they belong together. She has a beautiful personality and a beautiful face. And she is not from Orlando, but she works there.

  12. catherine says:

    aww man he has a girlfriend! well i hope he’s happy and it dont works out he can holla at me

  13. k. says:

    she’s iight if you want to see pics of her go to this link;

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