One Down, 20 to Go

Miami president Donna Shalala says Randy Shannon got her when he said, “Nothing good happens after midnight.” Heck, Donna, if that’s all it took a million black mommas could’ve become your next head football coach because they’ve been saying that for generations. And I bet if Randy knew that’s all he had to say, he would’ve uttered the phrase years ago rather than spend six seasons a UM crafting some of the best defenses in the nation.

Randy Shannon has gotten the team's approval, and hugs

Miami players love them some Randy Shannon.

Whatever motivated her to promote Shannon to the top position, kudos to Donna. But let’s ne clear. Randy Shannon is not an affirmative-action hire, as some might think. During all but one of his seasons as defensive coordinator, UM ranked among the top ten defensive teams in the nation. That alone makes him at least as qualified as was any current head coach in the nation when they received their first job. Each of them got their shot at some point. Finally Randy Shannon got his.

Let’s also be clear about this: The hiring is no reason to pop champagne (unless you’re related to Shannon) or celebrate too long. Shannon’s hire makes him only the sixth African-American head college football coach in the nation, and the only one hired so far to fill the 15 openings created since the end of the season. Six jobs remain open. The NFL has seven black head coaches among 30 teams. In order to match that percentage college football would have to hire 20 more African-American coaches. Stop laughing.


2 thoughts on “One Down, 20 to Go

  1. “Nothing good happens after midnight” is the reason why my folks never gave me a curfew. My mother told me that and once I stayed out beyond it (as a teenager in 1980s Blood and Crip infested South Central) I found out she was right. And took my behind home to sleep.

    You know, at this point, I don’t care what people think about Randy Shannon’s appointment. If they think it’s an affirmative action appointment, more power to them. If they think it’s merit, bon appetit. I just know it’s an opportunity and he’s qualified to do the job. See, I know there are thousands of mediocre white coaches who get chance after chance (Dave Wannstedt, your car is ready…Mike Riley, your table is ready) and no one questions them. So I don’t even trip off what others think about black coaches. Shannon will have enough to worry about (South Beach!).

    Twenty more African American coaches. Wow. I’ll tell you which schools will hire those black coaches: Vandy, Army, Temple, Duke, etc. Get what I’m saying? I hear Idaho has an opening…

  2. Juan says:

    Three of the six college head coaches were hired by other minorities/females.

    Dan Guerrero (UCLA, Mexican-American)- Karl Dorrell
    Donna Shalala(Miami, Female)- Randy Shannon
    Warde Manuel (Buffalo, Black)- Turner Gill

    The other three were hired by white males.

    On a side note, FYI- Army has a black AD. Kevin Anderson. He is an up and comer.
    He managed to get a good deal for Army football. He managed to get most of their games put on ESPN or ESPN2, ESPNU or ESPN Classic. Not an easy task to do with a really bad and insignificant college football program. (I know everyone is going to go crazy and that’s unpatriotic, it’s a comment that supports the terrorists, yadda, yadda, but the wise folks know what I’m getting at. )

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