Vince Young to Texans: How You Like Me Now?!

A fan holds up a sign referring to Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young during the Titans-Houston Texans NFL football game Sunday, Dec.

I said it before the NFL draft, I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it as long as the Houston Texans fail to reach the Super Bowl – which will be a very, very long time: They were stupid not to select Vince Young.

I heard their reason, and I understood all the reasons it made no sense. They had a young starting QB in David Carr. They believed in him and wanted to build around him not rebuild. I got that.

But I also watched Vince Young last season at Texas. I saw a young man who grew and matured into a phenom. Yeah, his throwing motion was funky and he did not fit “the mold.” But damn, the cat simply won games. He was a leader in every sense of the word and, funky throwing motion or not, he had something that could not be taught. And if I had a team I wanted it.

I was in the press box at the Rose bowl for his performance in the national championship game. I’ve seen a lot of games in a lot of sports and I’ve left in awe only a handful of times. That night was one of them.

After watching Young being dissected like a fetal pig before the draft, this was my thought: I’m not NFL draftnik but I knew this – Vince Young gets some team to the Super Bowl; David Carr does not. Period. If I had been the owner of the Houston Texans, that’s all that would have mattered.

Oh, that and the fact that the cat grew up six miles from my home field. That was a bonus, one that probably would put about 10K extra fannies in the seats from Day One.

The addition of those two factors equaled no-brainer. With the No. 1 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, give me Vince Young. Even over Reggie Bush.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young (10) rushes for the game-winning 39-yard touchdown run as Houston Texans' Jason Babin (93) chases him during overtime in an NFL football game Sunday, Dec.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoula Been a Texan. Photos courtesy World Photos

But those guys didn’t listen to me and on Sunday night it bit them in the ass. On the first possession of OT, Young nipped and tucked the Tennessee Titans – who took him at No. 3 – to the Houston. Then on third-and-14, the Texans crowded the line of scrimmage and collapsed the pocket as Young tried to pass. Flushed, he scampered right, left and was gone. Thirty-nine yards. Touchdown. Game over. Titans win, 26-20.

Young threw off his helmet and flew into the stands, into the arms of a UT-burnt orange gang that embraced him like the prodigal son he was. Later, when asked by Titans owner Bud Adams what he was thinking as he sprinted for the end zone, Young said he tried to think of what it was like to run when his mom was chasing him with a belt.

Love that. On Sunday, it’s the Titans who got the whippin’.

Oh yeah, defensive end Mario Williams, the guy the Texans took at No. 1, had three tackles in the game.


One thought on “Vince Young to Texans: How You Like Me Now?!

  1. Dirk de Young says:

    Until some NFL teams figure it out they will be doomed!! What applied on the playground also applies at the highest levels. Don’t be too clever! Just take the best athletes for your team and work out the positions later. If your hand had come up on the top of the bat, would you have turned down a chance to pick Vince Young, certainly not. He was the best “athlete” available in the draft, get him on your roster, how difficult is that to figure out. (apologies to Reggie Bush, who is also very, very, very good, number 2 ain’t bad).

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