RoySJ Note: Winslow was fined by the NFL on Friday for the late hit that sparked Porter’s nasty remark. 

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Jerry Porter was fine 10Gs for calling Kellen Winslow a fag. Winslow is the Cleveland Browns’ tight end. Porter used the term twice during the post-game interviews that followed the Steelers’ 27-7 whipping of the Browns on Dec. 7. The fine was meted on Thursday.

Porter offered an apology ealier in the week to “anybody I offended.” Anybody but Winslow, he specifically noted. “I really didn’t mean to offend nobody but Kellen Winslow,” Porter said. “Pretty much, that’s it about that.”

Seems Porter and his Steeler teammates were pissed at some of young Winslow’s late-game hits.

Porter was rightfully fined for using the ugly term, but he should be smacked for using the kind of excuse used by those knuckleheads who say some uses of the word nigger can actually be complementary and endearing. “I guess how we use that word freely, me growing up using it, I didn’t think nothing of it like that,” Porter said.

Yikes. Sensitivity training, Joey?

Apparently calling someone a fag is less aggregious than threatening a game official, which Porter allegedly did during a loss in Oakland on Oct. 29. For that trangression, Porter was fined 15Gs.

I wonder how much he’d get fined for calling an official a fag.

Scoundrels: Porter and Winslow. 


One thought on “J-O-E-Y!!!

  1. Juan says:

    I’m guessing that Joey did not really think of the word which he was using and the meaning it has.

    He grew up in Bakersfield, and it is not exactlly a progressive place , nor is there much exposure to the world outside that Valley.

    The area is all oil and produce fields, and really not much else. Probably never met anyone that was homosexual and probably did not know how hate-filled that word is.

    He knows it’s a slur obviously, but probably uses it the way one would use “sissy” or “pansy.”

    Nevertheless, Joey needs to expand the vocab because he’s too talented to get his accomplishments on the field marred by his inabilty to express himself without slurring a group .

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