Not So ‘Melo

So NOT the face of the NBA’s new era.

RoySJ Update: On Sunday, Carmelo Anthony took the first step in what will surely be a long process of rehabing his rep: Anthony’s apology

I was there tonight. Even worse, I was there with my 12-year-old son. He’s a big Carmelo fan, and in the aftermath of the ugly madness that occurred near the end of the Knicks-Nuggets debacle at Madison Square Garden tonight, he was mad. “More than mad,” he tells me as I type. He was mad at Mardy Collins, who horse-collared J.R. Smith on a Nugget breakaway during what would become a 123-100 squashing.

That started the whole thing. He was “a little mad” at Nate Robinson, who woofed so much in early moments following the foul he was tackled by Smith and they both went tumbling into the very expensive first row of the stands.

And he was mad at me. (More on that later.) As for Carmelo, my son said, “He shouldn’t have tried to punch [Collins] in the jaw but I understand why he was angry. I wouldn’t have punched him in the jaw but I would have done something.”

My son was mad at me because I told him that if he ever threw a punch in a game I’d come down out of the stands, pull him off the floor myself and wouldn’t let him play any more. Okay, so the latter was a little but of an exaggeration. But,hey I was mad, too!

This was the NBA’s worst night since the brawl in Detroit more than two years ago. The league had just about put it in the past and was on a roll in the feel-good era led by LeBron, D-Wade and ‘Melo. Oops.

Not only will David Stern have to re-live dreams of that night in Detroit as it rolls from everyone’s lips between now and Suspension Monday. But Anthony essentially undid all of the goodwill he gained this summer as the surprise leader of Team USA.

Worse for me was having to explain why it was all so bad and ugly – all ten players on the floor at the time of the melee were ejected, something that may not have ever occured before in NBA history. And why it never should have occurred. I finally convinced him that ‘Melo’s sucker-punch of Collins was wrong. But even as he went to bed he could not understand why Carmelo couldn’t have done “something” to “stick up for his teammate.”

Because he’s a leader and he should have been trying to bring peace not escalate

Because as the team’s best player, his sure suspension will hurt the Nuggets even more than Collins’ hard foul on Smith.

Because kids like you look up to him and force dads like me to explain why what he did wrong, and why, yes, he should pay for it dearly.

Check out the news account:

Not a scene from Dancing with NBA Stars.

On Sunday, Anthony seemed to have grasped the magnitude of hbis actions. Perhaps it was a chat with Commissioner Stern. Or reactions offered in the cold light of day. Or perhaps he knows how hard the hammer is about to fall so he began the rehabilitation. For whatever reason, Anthony spologized on the day before the rest of us are likely to learn his fate:” I take full responsibility for my actions in the matter. In the heat of the moment I let my emotions get the best of me. I apologize to the fans, the Denver Nuggets, the NBA, my mother, and my family for the embarrassment I have caused them. I ask you all for your forgiveness.

“I also want to make a personal apology to Mardy Collins and his family. My actions were inexcusable, and I am sorry for making this an even more embarrassing situation.

“What makes this all the more painful is that this was one of the biggest weeks of my life. I just realized one of my biggest dreams when we opened the Youth Center in Baltimore that bares my name. To see the community excited and hundreds of kids smiling was an incredible feeling. Now the thought of thousands of kids seeing this incident on TV pains me. This is not the example I want to set.”

Tell that to my son, ‘Melo, so he’ll stop being mad at me.

Scoundrels: Anthony, Robinson, Collins, Smith…and a bit for Karl and Thomas. Plenty of scoundrelness to go around.


13 thoughts on “Not So ‘Melo

  1. Duane Hill says:

    It’s tough being a dad, but you are doing a hella’va job!

  2. Juan says:

    Can’t believe I missed the fight!

    I was watching this game up until the third quarter after it appeared that the Nugs were going to cover 2.5. Went to go do some Xmas shopping, got some dinner, and rushed home to watch the fights on HBO. (Good fights tonight on there BTW)

    Man, I did not expect to see news of a fight in the Knicks game when I came home. (Although to be honest, I was thinking during the game that the formula for a fight was all there, a really bad and desperate team, full of egos in the Knicks, and a guy that gets under people’s skin with aggressive play like Najera and a hothead like Robinson.) That thought passed quickly.

    Wow! Was I mistaken!?!

    Robinson is a tough kid, but he’s a hothead. In my opinion, he got things escalated quick. The kid is always looking for a scrap.

    He wanted to fight Jerome James and Malik Rose last year. In college, he liked embarrasing guys, for example naming his dunks when he dunked on people, like Oregon’s Jordan Kent. So I have no idea where he gets off talking about the perceived disrespect the Nugs were showing the Knicks.

    I don’t and won’t have hard and fast rules about fighting. Like Kenny Rogers said in his song, “The Coward of the County”.. “sometimes you got to fight when you’re a man.”

    Jeffries did the right thing by going after Melo. Too many guys don’t stick up for their teammates nowdays. For example, I was mad even thought I’m not a Mets fan when the Mets did not go high and tight on the Yankees in the 2000 World Series after Clemens threw a broken bat at Piazza. You got to stick up for your teammates.

    One thing we learned tonight is that Carmelo threw a punch on a dude when he was caught unawares. Punk move. Carmelo wasn’t sticking up for anyone. He just wanted to drop em on some one. That is poor form.

  3. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    So much to go over.

    I hate the sucker punch. In college, during a huge fight, I got cold cocked with a sucker punch and broke my jaw. Six weeks of blending up chili dogs and drinking it through a wired up jaw. Therefore, Carmello gets the official punk designation from me.

    The rest is just too much to synthesize.

  4. Greg Weston says:

    David Stearn’s next move; convice Bird, Magic and MJ to come back.

  5. Juan says:

    I second the motion on Carmleo. Punk.

    Guys that throw punk cheap shots are a low form of life.

  6. Melo completely lost me as a fan. This isn’t his first “character issue” to come up in his young career either.

  7. Neil Menzies says:

    I don’t even know where to begin on this subject, other than to say that it’s up to us, Roy, to raise our kids better than these hoodlums have been raised. I have completely lost interest in the NBA because of this kind of stuff. If there’s a legitimate argument for kids having to go through four years of college before going pro, it’s because they need to learn how to become men. If their mommas and daddies can’t teach them, maybe four years of coaching can….

  8. Jake McDonald says:

    Carmelo’s not the first and surely won’t be the last to throw a slapshot in a melee. Problem is 15 games is a bit much for a WWF inspired punch. How can anyone say this act was so vile when hockey players get free reign to brawl like they are in a scene from HBOs Oz.

    In no other team sport is fighting permitted except hockey. Hockey is no more physical than football or lacrosse yet it endures a different license for brutality. Baseball players fight far more often than basketball players yet suspensions rarely exceed the immediate ejection nor extend to other participants that come off the bench. What gives? Why is basketball so in need of being cleaned up when athletes in other sports are so forthcoming with their fisticuffs? If this were to be challenged based on legal precedent the NBA would surely lose.

    Yes fine Carmelo, who my HS friend who coached him on the Baltimore Select AAU tells me is a good kid, but make sure every pro athlete who throws a punch in a game gets the same treatment.

  9. Elliott Cuff says:

    I find it very interesting that a lot of white fans all over the internet are turning a players brawl into a sociology research report. A brawl is unfortunate in any sport. It’s interesting will you hypocrites analyze Roger Clemens or any other white pitcher who throws at someones’ head? What about the LA Dodgers jumping into Wrigley Field seats to fight with the fans. If so called fans are so quick to dismiss the NBA, why aren’t those rules applied to Major League Baseball or the NHL? It’s a common sense question.

  10. Dirk de Young says:

    Just suspend them all for the season, or forever for all I care, no one player is more important than the game and sorry Elliott above, how stupid to try to make this a racial issue, Baseball and Hockey are just plain retarded for not dealing with their violence issues. Like violence should be o.k. in basketball because it is o.k. in hockey and baseball? It is not o.k., get it!!

    And if we apply the “Jake” standard above, we will just let the lowest common denominator rule work for every other sport:?

    My last question is, when is the criminal trial comming up? If you or I did what C.A. did, we would find ourselves arrested and on trial for assault and the evidence is even on film. Why aren’t the police doing their jobs, is there some kind of diplomtic immunity on a basketball court?

  11. Juan says:

    I don’t think Elliot is stupid for making this a racial issue at all. I think there are some elements of hypocrisy here, whether attributable to race,not sure, but it sure is a pretty prominent factor. Clemens throws a bat at Piazza, and it is forgotten. I wonder how long it will take for Carmelo to live this one down with the American public.

    Violence in hockey appears to be applauded. Check out the stands when a fight goes on, no one acts appalled and disgusted. Most everyone is on the edge of their seat, pounding on the glass, etc.

    The criminal element of this a non-issue, if we got into a fight, in most major cities, the police would look the other way. And this really is more of a battery and not an assault.

  12. Dirk de Young says:

    Thanks for your comments Juan, just to note there is a difference between saying a comment is stupid and saying someone is stupid. I admit to occasionally making a stupid comment, but don’t think that because of it I am stupid. Meant to attack the comment, not the person, sometimes hard to differentiate, sorry.

    I once bought season tickets for a hockey team and couldn’t give them away, apparently not everyone is thrilled by the values displayed there.

    Technically we are both right, it is “assault & battery.”

  13. Steve Colter says:

    As a former player please let me chime in regarding the tiff that occurred. This younger generation has been guided in the direction that was meant for them. The game has turned into a college friendly type of game as opposed to the mans game that it was meant to be. You can play zone now, you can’t hand check now, you can’t set a bone crushing screen now, you can’t try to intimidate opposing players as a coach now, you can’t hold if the referee is not looking now, you can’t pork chop a guy now if he is getting on your nerve, you can’t play tough without being called dirty now, you can’t take any punishment now because the league(much like society) is so soft that everything is considered politically incorrect. What happened to history.
    Let’s not forget that Magic, Michael, Larry, and Zeke(Isiah) came about because of the tough play of Sloan, Van Lier, Doc, Clyde, Lucas and many others who led the way that made basketball Americas game.
    Today we routinely lose to any country considered decent. Maybe there is a message here.” Let men play the game as men”. As long as you teach them how to play the game without trying to end another guys career, it’s fine.
    We have short memories! Jack Ramsey, Wes Unseld, Dick Motta, Matt Goukis, Mike Fratello, Nellie, KC Jones, Red Auerbach, Pat Riley and many other coaches that we respect would have stated the same thing that Isiah did and nothing would have been said.
    NBA used to be the acronym for “No Babies Allowed”. Now it should be called ” Nice Behavior Association “. Lets get real folks, there are only a handful of guys who play this game at this level so chill, take a valium, start yoga classes or do something else to occupy the time you use to analyze a game that you have never experienced at that level.

    Humbly submitted,
    Steve Colter (NBA veteran)

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