Michelle Wie: Class of ’10


Hmm, Will this be Wie’s first day on the Farm?

It’s Stanford alumni overload day! I’m still dealing with the Jim Harbaugh hiring (See Below: Stanford Savior or… ) when my Blackberry blows up with the news Michelle Wie is coming to Stanford this fall. The 17-year-old golf phenom had long said she wanted to go to college but few believed she’d pass up millions as a full-time pro to cram her six-foot frame into a desk and study her ass off. Well, as an elderly aunt used to say, now we know.

Wie confirmed she was going to attend my alma mater after she found out this afternoon that he’d been accepted. “It was one of my dreams, and I want to go through with it,” she told MSNBC.com not long ago. “I definitely want to go there and really try to graduate.”

Having just served on the board of the Stanford Alumni Association, I know how hard it is to get in that place these days. So kudos to Wie for making this call , especially in an age when so many sports prodigies are passing on higher learning for higher earning. It did not hurt that she’s a major legacy, with a grandfather aunt and uncle having attended Stanford.

And with her having earned $20 million this year from endorsements, appearance fees and the like, we also know she can afford it.


2 thoughts on “Michelle Wie: Class of ’10

  1. Jake McDonald says:

    If she never tees up another golf ball she has already earned more than many will in a lifetime.

    Kudos for choosing to pursue a degree in Higher Ed. Although, she could have chosen a more seasonal picturesque landscape like the one offered by my alma mater in Charlottesville, Virginia.

  2. Mr. Hyde says:

    If I’m not mistaken she will be class of 2011. Or is she going to graduate in 3 years?

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