NorthWorst Decision

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This is a classic example of a stupid corporate overreaction: Northwest Airlines said on Wednesday that it had pulled hundreds of thousands of copies of the December issue of its in-flight magazine with Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony on the cover because it didn’t want to “appear to condone” Anthony’s actions in Saturday’s fight at Madison Square Garden.

Give me a freaking break. Who cares about Northwest Airlines? No one in their right mind would make any decision about the airline based on who’s on the cover of the horrible free magazine in the seat-back pocket.

This is just dumb. Better yet, small-minded – unless you consider the publicity the move has generated is good. Not me. Right now, I’m scared to fly an airline run by these knuckleheads.


3 thoughts on “NorthWorst Decision

  1. Richard says:

    I had a similar reaction though couldn’t express it as well. Does anybody sit down on an airplane and become vexed by who is on the cover of an in-flight magazine? I don’t even know how I would go about associating somebody who is on the cover of noe with the flight I am taking. I just don’t care that much about those magazines (or the airline).

  2. Juan says:

    What a bunch of hypocrites. This month, they’ve got a feature on China–Communist China. Yes, the same China that kills dissidents, and commits other human rights atrocities. Yet, they want to get after Melo. Hmmm…

    Screw them. Sadly, this airline is one of the only ways to get to see my boys back in the Midwest (MPLS-SP and Milwaukee). Otherwise, I’d boycott, but I’m not that principled on this one.

  3. Jake's Opine says:

    Furthermore who reads that stupid magazine anyway? I thought it was a place kids hid their boogers.

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