A.I. 2.0: The Next Chapter

Photo Photos courtesy Reuters

Allen Iverson battled the snow and arrived at the Pepsi Arena in Denver about an hour before tip-off, passed his physical (What did the doc do, make sure he had two arms and two legs?) and was in uniform in time for warm-ups for the Nuggets game against the Sacramento Kings.

Let the new A.I. 2.0 Era begin.

(Why is ESPN showing me this lame game between the Spurs and Rockets and not cutting in with live updates of A.I.’s debut in Denver?!)

A.I. entered the game late in the first quarter and made his first shot, a 12-foot fadeaway. He finished with 7 points in the first half. He finished with 22 points and 10 assists (!) in nearly 40 minutes. Yet the Nuggets lost 101-96.



2 thoughts on “A.I. 2.0: The Next Chapter

  1. Richard says:

    You know the A.I. debut is a big story when a game between Yao’s Rockets and Tim’s Spurs gets described by Roy S. Johnson as “lame.”

    In addition to almost never getting to see decent ice hockey, the lack of selection when stories like this are playing out is one reason I wish i could afford those season-pass packages about which everybody raves.

    Twenty-two and ten in his debut, and the colors didn’t look as strange as I thought they would.

  2. Jake's Opine says:

    I thought you had the direct line to ESPN’s President. You know Denver is taboo for a little while anyway. I mean hey they must be NW Airlines pulled him off the cover of their magazine.

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