In Court, Nothing but Love for Venus and Serena

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Daddy did it. But Richard Williams and his daughters got to play a “let.”

Just before the holiday weekend, a jury in West Palm Beach, Florida, found that Williams did indeed fraudulently represent himself as the representative of Venus and Serena when he signed a contract with promoters for the tennis stars to participate in a “Battle of the Sexes” event. But in a strange twist, the jury award zero damages to the plaintiffs, Carol Clarke and Keith Rhodes, who had sued the sisters, their father and his company, Richard Williams Tennis & Associates, for breach of contract.

The promoters claimed the event would have earned as much s $45 million.

Oh well. God bless celebrity.

The jury found the sisters were not negligent in the deal and thus no damages were levied against them, either.

Note to Daddy: Don’t sign ANYTHING!!!

Five weeks in court. Zero Dollars. Priceless.


7 thoughts on “In Court, Nothing but Love for Venus and Serena

  1. I MUST become a celebrity. It’s the greatest get out of jail free card one can ever have! And Selena looks great in a teal bikini.

  2. Richard says:

    Perhaps I’m missing some of the details on this one. Why should I feel the Williams sisters got away with something here?

  3. Juan says:

    Not even the $1 nominal damages award that is customary in stuff like this? Wow.

    As Jamie Foxx said about Serena’s dress… “Let’s give it up for the dress!”… Well, let’s give it up for the teal two piece.

  4. Jake's Opine says:

    I concur with Juan. Definitely a butta-head.

  5. Juan says:

    Serena and Venus were at the Dolphins game today. Interviewed by Suzy Kolber. They are claiming Miami now. Please those girls are all Compton.

  6. Good Point says:

    Hey Larry, it’s Serena, not Selena. She’s a tennis player not a dead Tejano singer.

  7. […] Richard Williams, says they’ll do. That apparently comes as news to two tennis promoters who sued Richard Williams, saying he backed out of a contract to have the sisters take on male tennis players in a Battle of […]

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