Romo-Garcia: Dos Hombres

 Jeff Garcia

Jeff Garcia won the showdown of the NFL’s Latino QBs. (Funny that NBC never mentioned the historic confrontation.) His Philadelphia Eagles whopped the hometown Dallas Cowboys 23-7 on Christmas Day. Garcia led the Eagles to scores on five of the team’s first six possessions. He completed 15 of 22 passes, finished with 2238 yards and 1 TD with 1 INT. Romo was 14-for-29 for 142 yards, a TD and an INT.

Yes, Romo has been one of the feel-good stories among many during this NFL season. But that he was named to the Pro Bowl after starting only a handful of games is stupid.

For Garcia, it was sweet revenge against former teammate Terrell Owens, who disparaged the QB in, what we say, a Jerry-Porter-like fashion after the two went their separate ways following the 2003 season. Owens caught two passes for 23 yards. Nothing to say more disparaging than that.


8 thoughts on “Romo-Garcia: Dos Hombres

  1. Jake's Opine says:

    Who cares about the Pro Bowl anyway. Does anyone watch it save the fleeting glimpses of the gorgeous Hawaiian beaches? If they discontinued the Pro Bowl would anyone care? Except the players who need that extra bit of bonus money for being nominated, I sincerely doubt it.

    Besides the credibility of the selection process is worse than MLB. I mean DeAngelo Hall? He’s not as bad as Romo, but pretty close. There are several NFC corners better than the Falcons Hall.

    Gamer: The Eagles Staff for great preparation.

  2. Juan says:

    How fired up was Garcia today?!?! Man, he balled hard.

    Madden did gush all over Garcia being underestimated at every prominent juncture in his life. So I did appreciate that, but nothing was said about the battle of the Mexican-American QBs. They should have called it the Jim Plunkett/ Joe Kapp/ Tom Flores/Moses Moreno Bowl. (all Mexican-American QBs)

    Romo in the Pro Bowl is silly. For sure. The Pro Bowl is a silly game to begin with , and then to name him to the squad… yeah not so sure about that.

    Roy— think it would be Joey, not Jerry Porter-like fashion.

    Jerry Porter is just another loony but talented guy that comes from that WVU program (Chris Henry, PacMan Jones). Joey is a nut from Bakersfield, CA

    TO…dropping those passes today. Wow. You know that is one thing no one ever talked about… until now,but which had been known by those in the know and that is his bad hands.

    Recall that in the 1998 NFC Divisonal playoff against the Packers, he had the dropsies bad before he finally redeemed himself with that TD catch to win the game for the Niners. I think that was the last time we saw him humble and probably the last time anyone rooted for the guy. I sincerely believe that he is running of chances.

  3. My brother in law in Dallas is pretty pissed right now. When I was out there for Thanksgiving, the local news devoted fifteen minutes to this new Romo mania. I warned him, saying that this was going to be fleeting, at least for this season. Didn’t believe me. Now, they’re sinking fast. And Terrell is a perfect example of karma.

  4. Juan Lozano says:

    Not sure how any of this is Romo’s fault really. Thought the Oline just got handled by a very average Eagles front 7.

    Romo was on his back for a lot of the game. They could not get the ground game going at all, which is ridiculous considering the Eagles are small at backer and up front. (see goalline stand in 1st half)

    TO dropped some passes that would have gone for a score, and another that would have extended the drive. Also one drive was completley wiped out by two bad False Start penalties on Marc Colombo and Flozell the Hotel Adams back to back.

    Romo was OK, but not great, but his Oline did him no favors.

    The Boys ran into a hot team in the Eagles.

  5. thesportsmaster8000 says:

    Hot team indeed. Whoever has to play the Eagles in the post season is going to have to fight for their playoff lives!

    As for the Cowboys, simply a team starting to implode. Hold it together Bill!

  6. Juan says:

    I like these Eagles, but I worry about the size of their front seven and their WR play. They kind of have lived and died by the big play in recent weeks. It is going to be interesting to say the least.

  7. Does anyone know if Jeff is still dating Carmella DeCeasere…aka the former Playmate of the Year. (sadly, I’m not making a joke here) I only knew this b/c shes’s a Clevelander and it would piss us off see’ing her w/him in all the downtown bars everyweekend. Besides, it totally discredited another T.O. statement…remember “if it smells like a rat…” ?

    link my name if anyone knows any of this.

  8. J Felder says:


    T.O. isn’t the only one with “bad hands.” I hate to say it but after his dropped snap in last night’s loss to the Seahawks, Romo’s hands are also starting to look bad. It’s not just last night. He’s had several of these inexplicable drops where he literally just loses grip on the ball. The pump fake fumble against Philly (believe that was the game) was the same type thing. Nobody hit him. He just pump faked and it flew out. Are his hands too small? The ball too slick? What’s the deal?

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