Somebody needs to be dialing Mike Singletary‘s digits right now. Somebody like Arthur Blank, who fired his milk-toast head coach, Jim Mora, and needs a no-nonsense guy that everyone in the Atlanta Falcons organization – particularly so-called “coach-killer” Micheal Vick – can and will respect. That would be Mike Singletary.

I love this time of year when NFL folks start talking about getting the “best” candidate for their head-coach opening. There’s probably not a term in America that can be more loosely and variously defined. There are dozens of men who are capable of being NFL head coaches, and who deserve the opportunity to put what they’ve learned to work. They come in all ages, shapes, backgrounds and, yes, all colors. And with varying levels of experience. At sunset, it all comes down to which man is he right “fit” for your team – it’s players, its style, its culture, its city.

Singletary, the formidable, intimidating Hall of Fame former linebacker and current assistant head coach/linebackers coach of the San Francisco 49ers, has only been coaching for three seasons. Way fewer than most of the names we’ll hear bantered about as NFL honchos scramble to fill openings at Arizona, Miami, ATL and soon-to-be-vacant Pittsburgh. Fewer than almost all of the minority coaches whose names you’ll certainly hear discussed in conjunction with the Rooney Rule.

Fewer than Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, who interviewed today for the Arizona Cardinals gig. Fewer than Giants defensive coordinator (and former Steelers defensive coordinator) Tim Lewis. Fewer than Indianapolis assistant had coach and defensive coordinator Jim Caldwell. Fewer than Norm Chow (Why he would leave Vince Young, even for a top gig, I do not know.) And certainly fewer than Washington Secondary/Cornerbacks coach Jerry Gray, the former Buffalo defensive coordinator who was passed over last season for a guy who’d lost twice as many games as he’d won as a head coach.

Others who should be courted – and hired soon – are Falcons wide receievers coach George Stewart, Falcons and Seattle defensive line coach Dwaine Board.

Maybe Singletary needs more grooming. Hard to argue otherwise. But right now, he just may be the best man – the best “fit” – for the Falcons job, particularly if they do not trade Vick. His commanding presence will end all of the knuckle-head stuff that went on in ATL last year, and I doubt he’ll do anything as stupid as pine for another job n a radio show. He’ll have to hire a strong, very string staff – particularly as his offensive coordinator. But this blogger thinks that with Blanks bucks and the respect he commands throughout the NFL, Singletary would be able to build one of the strongest staffs in the NFL and give ATL its best shot.

Arthur, who you gonna call?

Rivera Succeeding Denny Green?


3 thoughts on “1-800-Mike-Singetary?

  1. Richard says:

    My opinion is via the link below, though you have to look for the Falcons’ section, as I list five coaches who should move on. More concisely, I think the best hire for the Falcons would be Norm Chow. Given what Chow did with Vince Young (and Chow’s history as an offensive coordinator), it seems like a natural fit.

    My first reaction to Singletary is that a defensive coach is not the best fit for Atlanta. A similar concern would apply to Rivera. I would consider each of them better fits in Arizona.

    In Atlanta, conern number one must be how to utilize Mike Vick And if he can not be utilized, the next coach needs to find this out.


  2. Juan Lozano says:

    Certainly having the HOF playing career makes him attractive, but want to see him at coordinator first. He’s only been a position coach. He needs to have a challenge like putting his name on the defense1st.

    He had it easy wtih the Ravens as position coach and was not in the spotlight in SF as he was a position coach there too.

    Niners fired DCoordinator and DLine today.

    So it looks like Singletary is going to take over DCoordinator spot there.

    With all due respect, let’s see what he does there 1st, before we give him the ATL franchise.

    They are going to want to bring in an “Offense” guy to help with that side of the ball in ATL, almost sure of it. Too much invested in the Vick project to not try and salvage a few good to great years out of that investment with a different perspective on how to manage his talent.

  3. With 5 head coaching vacancies available its going to be a rough decision for all. Ken Wisenhunt, once considered a possible candidate for the Atlanta job, is now likely to succeed the departed Bill Cowher. One thing is for sure every GM should have learned something from the Falcons. Hiring a young coach that is inoperably joined at the hip by his offensive coordinator is a disaster waiting to happen.

    One other coach may enter the fray, however unlikely at this point, can still be considered plausible. And that would be Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith. Don’t poo poo me yet, hear me out. The Bears front office has yet to extend a contract to Smith in spite of his accomplishments since arriving in the Windy City. That wouldn’t give me a warm fuzzy if I were Smith. Could the Bears be waiting to see how well the team does in the playoff? Will they use the SuperBowl as the carrot for the new contract? If Smith doesn’t win XLI will that reduce the contract offer from the front office such that another team could pull a Miami-Saban-Alabama?

    Speaking of Nick-old boy. Why couldn’t Saban just tell the truth at his press conference? And why are people *Shula* upset with him? Heck how in the world could any rational human being living in a capitalist society not have taken $35 million. Although I, and probably many others, would have respected Saban more if he would have just come out and said “Alabama offered me a spit-load of cash to do what I love and I took it. Ya dang right I took it. I would have been a fool to turn down $35 million. Anybody who says differently is lying. I’m out, I have money to spend and my wife is outside with the motor running. Good day.”

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