NFL Playoff Weekend 1.0: Predictions

Wildcard Weekend: What Will Happen

Saturday, 1/6, Game 1: KC @ Indy – Larry Johnson left. Larry Johnon right. Larry Johnson up the middle. That’s KC’s strategy as Chiefs’ coach Herm Edwards and “BBF” Tony Dungy lock horns. Dungy wins because he has Peyton Manning and Herm doesn’t. Indy 28, KC 21

Saturday, 1/6, Game 2: Dallas @ Seattle – Dallas is a mess. Romo is fiddling with Carrie Underwood when he should be working it and the defense stinks. Will Bill Parcells step back and let the coordinator play HIS game. I say, Yes. Neither of these teams is great. But someone has to win. Dallas, 21-Sea 17


5 thoughts on “NFL Playoff Weekend 1.0: Predictions

  1. I always root for Tony Dungy, and Indy will win this weekend. But in the words of Al Davis, the Dallas soap opera “will go down, and it will go down hard”. Seattle will win and our long national nightmare that is Terrell and the Cowboys will be over.

  2. Final Score: Indy 23, KC 8. Okay, so I gave KC too much credit (zero first downs in the first half??!!). I’ll take the victory. Nice gesture by KC coach Herm Edwards as he embraced his friend, Tony Dungy, at midfield following the game. “Go win this thing,” he said. We all know what he meant.

  3. I’m saying. I was real cool. As a Raider fan, I really don’t want KC or Denver (first time I’ve ever rooted for the 49ers!) to win anything. But I’m not going to lie. It’s hard for me to root against African American coaches in any sport. So I knew I was at least going to be 50% happy. As a sports fan, I’m tired fo the whole Peyton Manning can’t win thing, so I’d like to see them get to the Super Bowl (just so I can watch Boomer tell Marino that Manning is just like him. Watching Marino burn is CLASSIC!)

  4. Wow. So much for the Romo mystique. A fumbled snap cost the Cowboys the game – and me my prediction! The image of of him sitting on the ground holding his helmet after being tackled short of the goal line said all that needed be said. He will vomit for days after this. Hell, Carrie Underwood might dump him, as well.

  5. arsenalist says:

    Hey, you gave Kansas City way too much credit for scoring so many points.

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