NFL Playoff Weekend 1.1: Predictions

With no thanks to Tony Romo, I am 1-1. So here’s what will happen Sunday:

Jets @ New England, 1 pm: Eric Mangini should have gotten more props for Coach of the Year. He’s done more with less than Sean Peyton. This team ws not even supposed to be close to the playoff. He may know more about the Patriots than any oher head coach on the planet. That said, the Jets lack of a predictable running game means it’s all on Chad Pennington. The Comeback Player of the Year has had a heck of a season, but Bill Belichick will have something for him and his ‘mates. NE 21; Jets, 17

Giants @ Philly, 4p: Anyone who thinks the Giants remedied their dysfunction by beating the Redskins last week is delusional . Tiki Barber will have a big game in his farewell. But so will Brian Westbrook and Jeff Garcia. Two beats one. Eli Manning will falter and be vilified going into ‘o7. Philly 28, Giants 14


2 thoughts on “NFL Playoff Weekend 1.1: Predictions

  1. I agree. And can I ask something. Why all this hubbub about Tiki Barber? In someways, he reminds me of Cal Ripken. I always wondered about why everyone was fawning over him. In my sports brain, neither one of the ever made an impression, but still everyone made it seem like they were a heel if they didn’t worship them. To this date, when I think of Tiki, I think of these things: fumbleitis and Ronde. That’s it.

  2. Juan says:

    I’m TIRED, TIRED, TIRED of Tiki.
    Good ball player.
    But talks about Strahan’s contract, and did the commercial with he and his bro where they were those spinners on their beanies. Negative points for that.

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