Arthur! Arthur???

In time, Petrino will wish he could fly …

Maybe I missed something; But the last big-time college coach who was hired by an NFL team (Nick I’m-lyin’-Saban) ran off with his tail between his legs whining about lack of control and the fact that no one applauded for his wife. (Honest.) Before that, big-time college guy Steve Spurrier bombed in DC. Butch Davis? Pete Carroll? Dennis Erickson Need I go on?

Apparently so because Falcons owner Arthur Blank never read the memo: He’s just hired Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino as his news head coach. After the Saban debacle I thought it would be a lifetime before another NFL owner was dumb enough to hire a college coach. And not simply a Tsi tsi fly’s lifetime. Check out this old quote – just after Miami hired Saban – from Colts president Bill Polian: “It’s almost impossible for a college coach to prepare for what he’ll deal with at the highest level of competition. “It is a completely different game. It would take a college coach a year, maybe more, to get used to the league and the pace that is required at this level.”

Sure, Jimmy Johnson had some success after years coaching kids. So did Couglin, who went straight from college to the expansion Jacksonville and took the Jags to the AFC title twice in the team’s first five seasons. But he had an entire year to scout the league before the Jags ever played a game. After that I’m about lost.

Maybe Drawing A. Blank has time to wait for Petrino to grow into the game. He did have a couple of cups of coffee in the NFL. He was Coughlin’s QB coach for two seasons in Jacksonville and his O-coodinator for one before heaing to Auburn as O-coordinator in 2002.

He’s credited with shaping Jake Plummer. But if that’s his best calling card, I’m pretty much fearing for him. Michael Vick? He’ll eat him alive.

Hmm. Makes me wonder if Drawing A. Blank just might call Al Davis and offer Vick to the Raiders for the top pick, then chose DeMarcus Russell, a college guy? Not even Al would likely take that deal, not without something else thrown in. But you never know. Crazy as it sounds. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Scoundrel in the Making: Drawing A. Blank.


4 thoughts on “Arthur! Arthur???

  1. Just happy that Al didn’t get him first. Now, I hope Jeff Tedford isn’t in play.

  2. Mario Longoria says:


    Great analysis and perspective on this particular coaching issue. I agree there are different sets of coaching values, approaches, and philosophies between collegiate and Pro football. What is usually successful in college football does not necessarily mean it will work in profootball. What helps is the fact the coach himself was a collegiate/ profootball player. Its called experience, which oten times is not part of the criteria used by the powers that be to decide who gets the job. I guess what I am saying is the prospective coach is a rarity who can transcend the collegiate level, readily adjust to the pro mindset and become successful quickly.

    Mario Longoria

  3. TigerMom says:

    It’s time for professional football to start doing things in unconventional ways and not just according to the “good old boys” way. While I regret that a brotha didn’t get the job, I hope that some people of color replace the hordes of assistants who have already cleaned out their desks at Flowery Branch. They bare just as much responsibility for the Falcons implosion as Mora. Good bye!

  4. Petrino’s biggest question mark will be how he handles the veterans. Lawd knows some of them need to get out of the free meal line and pack their suitcases. Does Petrino have the cajones to send the under performers, non-performers, and hangers-on home? Is he enough of an Alpha-male to tell DeAngelo Hall to shut up and play ball and Michael Vick to stop appearing in photos with a joint in one hand, a bimbo in the other, with a middle finger to drunk ridiculing fans?

    Petrino has his work cut out for him. The veterans will be looking to see how he disciplines players whether they are stars or back-ups. Is he going to assemble a team of ballers and gamers or stars and groupies. The best thing Petrino could do is to hire great assistants with ties to the League. If not then there will be too many people trying to get up to speed at the same time.

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