Tony Romo: Fourth and Done

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is sacked by Seattle Seahawks' Bryce Fisher in the second quarter in an NFC wild card playoff football game Saturday, Jan. 6, 2007, in Seattle.

Fourth and done …

Maybe Tony Romo will recover from this. Maybe he’ll ignore the spotlight, cut all of the BS out of his life (see: Carrie Underwood) and focus on simply being the best QB he can be. Everything happens in life for good reason. I do not know Romo’s faith but I pray that he knows the fumbled snap that ended the Cowboys’ season, as much as it hurts tonight and for some time, will someday seem like a blessing. He is not a Pro Bowl QB, and does not deserve to go to Hawaii. He is not a superstar, either. Maybe now he’ll have a chance to be both.


6 thoughts on “Tony Romo: Fourth and Done

  1. I tried, I tried, I tried, to tell this to my brother in law in Dallas during Romomania. During Thanksgiving, all of Dallas was caught up in it. But did he listen? No. And now look at him. Mourning a loss against a Seattle team that was looking to give them the game. Sad.

  2. Bad Becks says:

    I agree. He has rubbed me the wrong way all season from his seemingly smart ass “I can handle Parcells” typ of attitude, the American Idol chicks, to getting waaaaay too much praise for being just an average QB. The last of which was sadly an upgrade which brought him this “rockstar” status in Big D. I think he can be a decent QB, but this certainly was the kick in the ass he needed to head up that road.

  3. Eddie says:

    Lawrence Ross, please cut your brother in-law and Tony Romo some slack. Remember Romo hasn’t even started a full season. He didn’t get his first start until game seven of this season. He did drop the snap and it may have cost the Cowboys the game but I wouldn’t blame it all on him. You can say it was a total team lack of effort. Like Terrance Newman’s two interference calls that gave Seattle some big first down, one of them at Dallas’ 1 yard line. How about Nathan’s Jones two interference calls, or maybe Terry Glenn’s fumble at Dallas 1 yard line that gave Seattle a safety and the ball back where they scored a touchdown, not to mention the momentum. How about Terrell Owens dropped balls, or Jason Whitten’s fumble, or maybe the bad coaching from Parcells. What about Dallas ineffective secondary, I can go on, but the bottom line its not all Romo’s fault. Romo’s stats were not bad for the day: 17 of 29 for 189 yards and no interceptions. Remember one guy cannot do it all. There was a quarterback named Dan Marino who has all the passing categories, how many Superbowls did he win? None. Why cause he didn’t have the players to help him achieve. Tony Romo is the quarterback of the future for the Cowboys and he’ll learn from his mistakes. He’ll be back to the playoffs soon and next time it will be different. Again, give the guy a break. People make mistakes. I know I’ve made a few.

  4. Daryl says:

    His name has hollywood appeal. However, his talent and leadership did not live up to his billing. Changes are forth coming.

  5. wiley cuetara says:

    I agree with Eddie. The people that are down on Romo for loosing the game have to understand that it isn’t Romo that is tooting his horn. It is the media’s hunger for stories that made him a celebrity. And if Romo wants to have a girlfriend, that’s his business. At least he has good taste looking Carrie’s way, a down to earth country girl and not someone like Brittney or Hilton. If given a chance, he’ll be back next year better for everything that has happenned this year.

  6. Eddie says:

    All in all, Romo had a good year. He led the Cowboys to only their second playoff appearance since the 90’s. Was 5th in passing efficiency. Not bad for not even a full year at starting QB. Was one held snap away from winning his first playoff game and advancing the Cowboys farther than they’ve gone since winning 3 superbowls in 4 years. I’d say the Cowboys future looks bright. The only thing I’d say is they need to revamp their secondary and pick up an offensive lineman or two. Here’s to a great upcoming year.

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