Ohio State-Florida: A Prediction

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Ohio State v. Florida, 8p (FOX): Hope you’re sitting down. Florida is going to win this game. Not by much and anything can happen in this quirky game. Ask Tony Romo (who ruined my would be 4-0 NFL predictions). The Gators will win for a number of reasons. First and foremost, from head coach Urban Meyer to the last player on the field, the Gators have the talent to beat Jim Tressell and Ohio State. And they have the speed. The Gator wideouts will excel, even as their counterparts do the same. Gator QB Chris Leak has been preparing for this game his entire life. Troy Smith has had the spotlight. Now it’s Leak’s turn.
Here’s the x-factor. The 55 days since Ohio State last played a game. The Gators have been out nearly as long, but the Buckeyes have further to fall and will have a difficult time achieving the peak they reached against Michigan. Florida must strike early and hard, while the Buckeyes are getting their legs. If they do, we’re talking upset. Florida, 32, OSU, 28


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