Gators!!! 2006(7?) National Champs. Chris Leak Silences Losers

chris leak - university of florida

College Football’s Most Deserving Champion

I soooo hate being right. Whew. Okay. Got that out of my system. Now: Good for Chris Leak. Great for Chris Leak. This kid did all the right things – even in the midst of some stupid Gators fans – and was rewarded for it. After Florida’s 41-14 stomping of a lethargic and out-everythinged Ohio State team, Leak (25-for-36, 212 yards, 1TD) should be celebrated throughout college football. Earlier this season he was booed in his own stadium. Some losers were calling for Tim Tebow. This was Leak’s 37th career start as a Gator, With this win, He’s 35-12.

Chris, take your national championship and your MVP and tell those losers to kiss your Gator tail. They’ll be longing for you in due time.

So, who’s college football’s top 12? Here’s mine (tell me yours):

1. Florida

2. USC

3. LSU

4. Boise State

5. Oklahoma

6. Louisville

7. Wisconsin

8. Ohio State

9. Auburn

10. Michigan

11. West Virginia

12. Rutgers

PS: Dear College Presidents: This system is stupid. No national title game should be played so longer after the regualr season. Just create a national playoff and quit being, well, stupid.

  • Gamer: Chris Leak
  • Scoundrel: Jim Tressel

35 thoughts on “Gators!!! 2006(7?) National Champs. Chris Leak Silences Losers

  1. Juan says:

    I’m super happy for Leak.

    Man, the fans were way TOO INTO Tebow this year. It seemed a bit much and really unwarranted.

    Leak was resilient throughout his college career. He took too much heat for things when it went bad there (I think a little more than the average QB whose team loses a few)

    I’m ok without the playoffs. I don’t need to find out the ultimate winner. I miss the old bowls. Went to the Rose Bowl this year and it felt like it was cheapened. Growing up in PAC10 country , the Rose Bowl was it. Now it’s just a game.

  2. Jake says:

    Hey, don’t blame Tebow. He’s great… at running with the ball and tossing it underhanded to wide-open receivers. Of course, he’s strictly limited to situational play, since he isn’t a particularly adequate passer. As everyone secretly knew even before last night, he needs an actual quarterback like Leak to do all the throwing stuff.

    And yeah, Ohio State looked like they just woke up from their naps. There’s too much time off between the season and the championship game.

  3. Jordi says:

    My national champ? Try Eastern Michigan. 1-11 but their one win is part of the chain that means they could have beaten Florida or Ohio State. Gotta love the Fuzzy Math Champ. The results are on my blog if you would like to take a look.

  4. NextBlitz says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your postscript. BS BCS. Blogged about it several times over the past week at my new blog:
    My top 3:
    Florida – of course
    Boise – undefeated
    LSU – maybe most talented team in the nation
    After that too close to call without a real playoff system.

  5. Bad Becks says:

    F-Chris Leak and F-the entire state of Florida for that matter. Forgive me, I am obviously a very bitter Ohio native.

    Roy, I know they got their asses handed to them, but seeding them lower than Wisconsin??? Pfft, please.

  6. Jim says:

    All of the Chris Leak haters are jumping on his bandwagon now. He handled that offense, their defense and the game nearly perfectly. I knew that Leak was good, but honestly, I didn’t expect them to pull off the upset that they did. OS looked like a deer in the headlights and their fans really took it on the chin.

    As far as your top 12 go, I think your a bit off your nut putting Boise State, Oklahoma, Louisville in front of Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin. I think that you got all of the right teams, but the order after 3 is definitely messed up.

  7. Ok there’s another Jake on here, cause I wouldn’t have said the above. Well not all of it.

    Sometime today or during this week Jim Tressel will realize what happened last night. An epiphany that strength is no match for speed and strength. Except for his victory in 2002, the BCS National Championship has been dominated by the sunshine states of the south.

    1998 Tennessee 13-0
    1999 Florida St. 12-0
    2000 Oklahoma 13-0
    2001 Miami (FL) 12-0
    2002 Ohio St. 14-0
    2003 Southern Cal. (AP) 12-1
    TIE Louisiana St. (ESPN/USA) 13-1
    2004 Southern Cal. 13-0
    2005 Texas 13-0
    2006 Florida 13-1

  8. Dirk de Young says:

    I can’t rank USC ahead of LSU. I would love to see that game.

    In my view Wisconsin, Boise State and Louisville tie for fourth. It is too hard to see which of these would really be better, maybe Boise State, I only saw them play once and they don’t seem to be missing anything, give them a shot at Fla.

    Some teams get better during the year and some just don’t, some get worse compared to the others.

    Florida got a lot better, Wisconsin got better.

    Dear Bad Becks, you need to join the modern era, Wisconsin is 4-2 against Ohio State the last 6 times they have played, outscoring them 124 to 99 and you are surprised after their miserable representation of the Big 10 that they are ranked behind the team that beat Arkansas and possibly the best Wisconsin team ever? You are living in the Woody Hayes past.

  9. jonathantu says:

    Congrats Gators, especially Leak. I’ve ragged on him simply because he’s been playing so long it’s kinda hard not to if only by proxy, but he deserved it yesterday. The one sports term I hate above all else is ‘classy’. Well, Chris was exactly that: classy.

    Also, competent. Unlike that other football throwing guy.

  10. Dirk de Young says:

    I agree with Juan, as a Big Ten Fan I never really worried about the other major bowls, or the National Championship for that matter. The Rose Bowl was IT for us. Suffering in the arctic mid west, we could enjoy seeing that sunny california weather on New Years Day and an interesting football game. It is only college and not the world championships. There is too much concern about the National Championship.

    Even in a playoff system, if suppose there is a really tough game in say the quarter finals, leaving both teams decimated and then the winner of an easier game gets the win in the next round over the winner that got beat up in the previous round with injuries to a couple of key players, would it really prove anything?

  11. wyclefdoug says:

    I agree with your Top 12 for the most part, but sending Ohio State down as low as you did doesn’t seem to make much sense. They are still Top 5 team for sure. You don’t go from being Number One all season long to number 7 and fall below the likes of Boise State, OU, UL, and Wisconsin. All 4 of those teams would have their asses handed to them.

    Nice blog though.

  12. Richard L. Smith,Sr. says:

    Good for Leak. People have been dissing him since he hit Florida. He can’t do this and that,as if any of his disrespectful counterparts have ever once attempted to pick up a football and run a football team with nothing to look forward to but a 300 pound ape attempting to destroy him. Ohio State was very disrespectful to him. They didn’t prepare for him or their team(Florida)and O.S. got handled. No I’m not on his band wagon,(I’m a U.S.C. fan). Leak and Florida came ready to win and did. Florida is the champions. Congrats!

  13. toddzilla says:

    Great post and comments. I agree, UF did their homework and caught OSU off-guard. Leak obviously puts in his time studying the game and it showed last night. I think this game really points to a passing of the football torch from the Big-10 to the SEC.

    I agree with a lot of your top 12 rankings, but I would put Wisconsin, Auburn, and Michigan higher and drop Oklahoma, Boise State, and Louisville lower. Granted Boise State’s bowl was a great game, but beating Oklahoma in OT in a bowl game does not equate to handling the likes of Michigan and Auburn. Louisville may lose Brohm and Bush now that their coach has bailed on them. OSU tooled up for a championship run this year and unless they have a lot of underrated talent in store to replace Smith, Pittman, Ginn, and Gonzalez(?), they will be rebuilding for a couple of years to come.

  14. To preface this, I am a Boise State student and have been to every home game this year. That said, I agree with your ranking. As much as I bleed blue and orange and turned myself into an immature monkey when they won, I doubted that they would beat Oklahoma. What would happen to Boise if they had the same schedule? No one will know and until we can start recruiting more players for the right reasons, not because they couldn’t get signed somewhere else, and when other bigger schools aren’t afraid of getting beat by “little” Boise and agree to schedule us, we won’t know.
    I am just grateful that we got to prove ourselves and now I can say with pride, “Yes I go to Boise State, and yes, our field is really blue!!!” GO BIG BLUE!!!

  15. tim says:

    1. Florida
    2. LSU
    3. Lousiville
    4. Boise State
    5. USC

  16. mylosh says:

    Glad to see Leak win one, even though I hate the Gators. I am especially happy for the vocal minority at Gator games used various slurs towards Leak. If it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t have been so motivated to prove everyone wrong

    anyways here’s my top 12, and yup, its the best list out there

    1. Florida

    2. Ohio St.
    BCS sets out to put 1 against 2. In the Olympics, when a team loses in the Gold Medal match, they are awarded the Silver

    1 loss team in a major conference that never got a shot at Ohio St. If Florida and Michigan got a shot, then Wisconsin deserves one too

    See comment on Wisconsin. BIG 10 is better than BIG EAST, thats why I have Wisconsin ahead of them

    5. Boise State
    Undefeated and fan favorite,but I can’t put them ahead of one loss teams who never got a shot at Ohio St.

    2 loss team in a major conference. I have them ahead of LSU because they beat them 7-3

    7. LSU
    2 loss team in a major conference, i hate them, I find their fans irritating, but they’re pretty sweet

    Bad breaks against Boise, but gotta give them respect for winning the Big 12 even after losing their QB and not having Peterson for a bunch of games

    9.Wake Forest
    Despite Bowl loss they won a major conference

    10.West Virginia
    2 Loss team in a semi major conference

    11. UCLA
    Without them, the best team in College Football doesn’t win the national title

    Because they won the granmammy of them all, the International Bowl

    Please note that even though I am a USC fan and have family ties to Michigan, they are excluded from my Top 12 list


    Principle. ABC tried to make this year’s Rose Bowl into a glorified Bronze Medal Match. Also as most of yall know, the reason why there is no playoff is because of the power of the Rose Bowl (for those who don’t follow CFB too much just go to any CFB blog and type in Jim Delany) . And because of this, my beloved Trojans and Michigan have been banned from my Top 12 list

    As far as I’m concerned the only valid National Titles the last couple years have been. Ohio St in in 2002 and Texas last year, because they were only times that the BCS got it right and there wasn’t a team that got screwed

  17. Daryl says:

    He was groomed for this very moment. I still haven’t heard the words “Heady” or “intelligent”, or the other poetic prose to define a QB of Chris Leak’s talent and accomplishments. Could this be because he is of the darker hue?………Come on America. Let’s here it for Chris Leak.

  18. mvp says:

    I called this game to the dot, Ohio didn’t stand a chance against the underrated Chris Leak. BTW, GO RUTGERS!!!

  19. hey now let’s give Tebow his due…he did a great job in the game last night…but the night truly belonged to Chris Leak for the stellar performance…and..just think that Michigan said that UF didn’t even deserve to be in the playoffs….well..after last night i’d say they sure did!

  20. Hey Roy,

    Why did you cut off the rankings before getting to Cal! LOL That damn Stanford bias!

  21. offseason says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, Boise does not deserve to be ranked higher than #3 because of one reason: blue field. That kind of thing just cannot be discouraged enough. As for Rutgers at number 12….well I guess we will never know, so it doesn’t matter. If there’s one nice thing about the BCS system, it encourages a lot of wishful thinking.

  22. Gloria Hopkins says:

    GO GATORS!!!

  23. Rush Propst says:

    Is this a reverse racist blog? Geez, I don’t like Chris Leak not because he is black but because he is a candy-ass, because he won’t lower his head for the tough yards.

    I think you like him only because he is black. That my friend is sad

  24. Rush:

    Huh?? You are funny, Rush Propst. Obviosly you do not know me, which is fine. If you think race is the only criteria for liking someone then, well, that is sad. I do not like all black people, Nor do I hate all white people. Life is more more nuanced than that, and it should not be reduced to juvenile name-calling. That said, I love your passion. Thanks for the comment, my friend. Roy S.

  25. Brian says:

    As a life-long Ohio State fan, most hearty congratulations to Florida, a deserving champion. A surprising result, but OSU was clearly outplayed, it’s why they play the games.

    The Buckeyes had a terrific season, and we beat Michigan, so I’m still pretty happy, as every other game pales in significance.

    Besides, if I had to choose, I’d rather beat Miami and lose to Florida any day.

    Go Bucks, congrats Gators.

  26. I think Chris can get that girlfriend now.

  27. Rush Propst says:


    Do you think that old Herban (For his fondness for dopesmoking DLinemen) Meyer hurt Leak’s heisman chances?

    Guess what I think hurt his chances?

  28. Not sure. Heisman is a media award that has nothing to do with who’s best player at the end of the season.

    But what do you think hurt him?

  29. Rush Propst says:

    I think that Meyer’s insistence on playing Tebow had an adverse impact on Leak’s chances. But then again, his perceived lack of toughness could have been an issue.

    Roy, I don’t like Florida.

  30. Rush Propst says:

    Do you think Meyer caved in the to the Gator fans to play Tebow? Maybe just a little bit? The Bow was Meyer’s prized recruit. An Alex Smith clone, not that that it is a good thing btw. Meyer’s ego to prove that his offense (which he learned from WVU R.Rod) is huge that he sacrificed Leak?

    I remember Leak being booed in the swamp when returning to the game to replace the Bow. Sad stuff and i don’t like leak or UF.

    Grey Cup or bust

  31. brittney lopez says:

    OMG!!! you are so damn fine!!! i cant beleive this was your last season its gonna suck, i wonder what team their gonna draft you off too!!! hopefully dolphins!!! lol
    luv always your biggest fan brittney lopez
    mauh* xooxoxxoxooxo


  32. taylor harvey says:

    hey boi you are the finest god dam thing ive eva seen you rock better be going to the dolphins well g2g love taylor harvey


  33. Joslyn Armstrong says:

    I agree im so happy and overjoyed that Chris Leak got this on his last year. He desrved every ring and tophie he has gotten for his great achievements. It is a great way to leave your doubters behind. I love ya babe!!!!!

    lots of Love

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  35. […] Our favorite redemption story out of all this: Chris Leak, to whom some Gators fans probably should consider apologizing. […]

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