Joumana Kidd: Hottest Sports EX-Wife?

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Just two weeks after MJ and his wife of 17 years agreed to part, there’s more ugliness in the sports matrimonial universe. Jason Kidd, the Nets’ All-Star point guard, filed for divorce today from his wife of almost ten years, Joumana, citing “extreme cruelty” throughout their marriage.

On Tuesday, the New York Post, which very Post-ingly referred to Joumana – who’s listed one one website as being among the “Hottest Sports Wives” – as a “former beer-ad model,” broke the story that Jason had filed a domestic violence complaint against his wife and was seeking a temporary restraining order. He noted that she’d displayed abusive tirades while sitting on the sidelines during Nets games. The story also noted she was tired of his late night in New York City. Like I said, ugliness.

Jason Kidd filed for divorce from his wife today on the grounds of extreme cruelty over a long period of time,” Kidd’s attorney, Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich, said in a statement Tuesday. “As this is an extremely difficult personal matter, I ask that the privacy of the Kidd family be respected.” Jason descried Joumana, in the complaint as, well, a witch. Vitriolic, Parnoid and abusive are used. Did I say, ugliness?

You ain’t heard nothing. The complaint alleges Joumana used the couple’s 8-year-old to enter the Nets’ locker-room and rummaging through his stuff looking for his cell phone. After noting the names and numbers the complaint says she took a seat at courtside and shouted insults at Jason. And word is Mrs. J puts tracking devices on his vehicvles and hired P.I.s to follow him and teammates. I’m squirming even thinking about it.

And it gets better, or worse: Jason accuses Joumana of kicking, punching and throwing household objects at her him and becoming “increasingly controlling and manipulative.” He adds that she installed tracking devices on his cars and computers and harassed his trainer, friends and family.

Now, not long after Jason’s charges were filed, the Nets appear to be bracing for Joumana’s comeback, which is sure to be even uglier that the first show.

Stay tuned, if you dare.

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Sad…on many levels.

Baller: I am not touching this one .



61 thoughts on “Joumana Kidd: Hottest Sports EX-Wife?

  1. Okay, I’ll say it. That little boy has a big head.

  2. Bad Becks says:

    Just goes to show, no matter how hot she may be there is usually some poor guy out there who has to put up with her bullsh*t.

  3. Juan says:

    She’s good looking… but she’s got nothing on Greg Anthonys ex-wife. Nothing.

    My goodness. I’d sell four aunts for her.

    And she’s a lawyer and a novelist!
    Brains and beauty.

    Crystal McCrary Anthony

  4. Lauretta Ali says:

    You know, ever since Jason Kidd did what he did to Byron Scott, he hasn’t had a blessing in sight! He got the team together to revolt against Byron, spun his web and cost a good coach his job. Right after that, he lost Kenyon and that should’ve told him what pay back is. Now this! Well, I am not his judge. But, I sure don’t feel sorry for him. I wonder if Byron is still happily married and enjoying his family? I sure pray so. He stayed a gentleman in the face of all that happened to him. That’s more than what we can say for Jason Kidd! Here’s this spider now caught in his own web!

  5. Ang says:

    When it rains it pours. Wether Mr. Kidd was right or wrong, the bottomline is, the relationship did not work out. Let’s keep it simple, they were unequally yoked. A relationship idealy should be 50/50. But in the real world, we all know that is not always the case. There is always someone in the relationship that is giving or loving more than the other and when that happens, the person that is giving thier all, without getting it in return will try anything to make thier partner return those same feelings.Which could turn into something fatal. It sounds like these two were having problems for years, just like Juanita and Micheal. Yes women can be some of the most vindictive creatures in the world, but remember that it takes two to tango. It is the nature of the beast. There could have been so many other things going on in that marraige behind closed doors. Mrs. Kidd may have been crying out for attention or she may have been standing her ground and it may have gotten out of hand. Who’s to say. Jason may have created a monster. You have to be careful what you do to people because it always comes back to bite you in the you know where. I however, do agree that Mr. Kidd did the right thing by filing for divorce before the situation got worse. This may have been the healthiest thing he has done all year.

  6. J.Kidd forgot the golden rule: “the finer the woman, the more insecure she is, the more baggage she has, and certainly the crazier. You rarely hear about the guys in the league with moderately attractive wives having problems.

  7. And yes Tre better grow 2 be 7 feet tall if he wants to grow into that ginormous head of his.

  8. Juan Lozano says:

    I had a client once who had been sent to prison for something. (I’m going somewhere with this…) His younger daughters, used to bring it up all the time to manipulate him. Like, “”you ain’t letting me go out with Darius, ok, I;ll just call the police that you did X, Y, Z, and who are they going to believe?” Here’s a brother trying to get his life together, and can’t discpline his wild kids. Just getting your manhood stripped from you at every possible moment..

    I got to think that is what Jason faced everyday of his life since he got busted for a little DV. That is what the pleadigns and Kidd’s attorney made it sound like. Obviously that is just HIS interpretation of events, but I think it is probably not to unreasonable to think something similar happened.

    I guess we found the founding member of the Byron Scott fan club in one of the posts above.

    There was an NBATV show a few years back (a day in the life type thing, but continuous), during JR Smith’s 1st year and it showed Byron just dogging the kid from the get. Man he wore JR out!

    JR acted like he could care less. Byron was going off on how the kid needs to be a pro and JR acted so indifferent. No wonder the kid got bounced and sent to Denver.

    I know Byron grew up in Inglewood, but he was actually born in Ogden, Utah. (I find that funny).

  9. Margie says:

    Big time athletes should settle for the “girl next door” that knew him when he had nothing rather than try to out do each other with the pretties, finest and whitest. They soon come to find that the pretties, finest and whitest is often not the best!

  10. Margie says:

    Michael Jordan has always been very transparent to me I just wonder why couldn’t anyone else see it.

  11. Juan Lozano says:

    Margie is just smarter than everyone. She KNEW MJ was transparent.

    She also knows about how Kidd grew up and can based on her knowledge, make assumptions about why he chose his girl. Never mind the fact that Kidd himself is bi-racial or that in Alameda (where Kidd, as a kid was raised) people of all races live together (not necc. in harmony, but with a little understanding that race really ain’t important.)

    And Joumanna.. I can’t tell what she is. She’s part African-American , maybe? She’s also to quote Jerome from Martin, 100% “Fine-se” and probably 50% CRAZY.

    Margie- just say what you mean. You don’t like black men dating anyone that is even the slightest bit lighter than him. (and Joumanna- she’s a little darker than JKidd, as that seems to be your beef.)

    Big-time athletes, even as young as high school, generally don’t tend to run in circles where there are the “girls next door.” They hang with some fast girls. (I’m bringing back the use of the word “fast” by myself.)

    And nowdays the “girl next door” ain’t so innocent.

    In fact, just went to lunch here in Downtown LA and there is some pre-teen modeling conference /seminar/money grab here. “Girls next door” are being paraded by their mothers around town in pretty scandalous gear, especially for someone that just learned to do cursive about two years ago. FAST.

  12. kenneth says:

    She is way too skinny to be considered hot to me. She needs about 15 more pounds on her.

  13. Lauretta Ali says:

    Juan Lozano

    “I had a client once who had been sent to prison for something.” Well, let’s just hope it wasn’t for “for a little DV.” I know I am “going somewhere with this…” Mr. Lozano, every woman and child in the United States of America doesn’t have to pay for what happened to your client. I had to learn that everyone in the world doesn’t have to pay for the fact that my grandmother preferred my being sent to foster care because of my light skin, rather than take a “high yellow” child into her home. “And Joumanna.. I can’t tell what she is”, my grandmother would’ve loved you! What type of issues are you walking around with and what are you a fan of? That type of remark sure says that I wouldn’t want to be in the fan club of prejudice that you belong to. Keeping one’s hands to his or herself is a learned capability. Your client, Jason Kidd, you, I and a host of others have to face that fact, Sir.

    “I guess we found the founding member of the Byron Scott fan club in one of the posts above.” Not at all. I am on the side of what is right period. When you dig a hole for someone else, you might find your own tired behind falling inside of it. I am no fan of anyone else other than Almighty God. I am not a religious fanatic, nor am I by any means perfect. But, that is the only fan club I belong to. Thank God we are members strong!

    “There was an NBATV show a few years back (a day in the life type thing, but continuous), during JR Smith’s 1st year and it showed Byron just dogging the kid from the get. Man he wore JR out!”

    I attended a theater school in Washington, DC in the early 1980s. I had an acting teacher there that just “wore me out.” I thought I hated her. We battled until our emotions exploded at class one evening after everyone had left. It was then that she told me that she did what she did because of the talent that she saw. She wanted me to be strong enough to face the rejection and the pain that I would experience in the entertainment field where people (perhaps like yourself) judge actors on whose too skinny, too fat, too short, too tall, too light, too dark, too, too… She wanted me to be grateful for my talent and to work hard at developing it. Thank God for her. It made me strong enough to know that if I never get cast in a role on Broadway, I have the talent Almighty God gave me and for that I can be grateful. That’s something Jason Kidd could learn. That’s something, maybe you could learn. Then you would also be a fan of what is just plain humane and right, period.

  14. Bad Becks says:

    Jeez, even Randy Johnson’s daughter thinks this isn’t even news. Seriously, its none of our damn business.

  15. Linguistics say that Joumana is likely from a country in the former Persia. Probably Lebanese.

    I find it funny folks commenting on whether her looks suit them, like they have a shot. hahahaha

    Whether MJ or JK is transparent is rather one-sided in a Oprah-man-bashing sort of way. There are more than a few wives like Juanita Jordan and Joumana who date/went after with eagle talons nothing but athletes. So who is transparent. IMHO, all of them. Look they get what they get and when its done its done. As long as I don’t have to write the alimony check I don’t give a flying fig.

    However, if either of them should need a man toy to console them in exchange for lavish with expensive gifts and trips I can be reached at 410-555-1212. 😉

  16. Juan Lozano says:


    Thank you. I had no idea what background Joumana’s name was from.

    I like trying to figure out the origins of folks by looking at names. Names means something to me. My girl’s brothers both had children in this past year and one of the names is a good solid name rooted in tradition, family and all that. And the other name was given about as much thought as one would name a puppy.

    Seriously, I appreciate it. Good work.

  17. zoe jackson says:

    Joumana should sue the doctor who gave her implants.

  18. Glenn says:

    Anthony’s ex-wife is hot, but I find Joumana just as attractive with a FAR better body. To each his own I guess.

  19. Much better picture of Joumana.

  20. Zoe, that is soooo wrong!! 🙂

  21. Lauretta Ali says:

    Bad Becks said,
    January 9, 2007 @ 11:23 pm

    Just goes to show, no matter how hot she may be there is usually some poor guy out there who has to put up with her bullsh*t.

    Bad Becks said,
    January 11, 2007 @ 9:36 am

    Jeez, even Randy Johnson’s daughter thinks this isn’t even news. Seriously, its none of our damn business.

    this is just a bit confusing Bad Becks. On January 9th you had an opinion. In fact, it looks like you were one of the first to give an opinion. In fact, your opinion was stated as if you knew the woman. Then on January 11th you decide to state that we should begin to mind our own damn business.

    it’s fine for you to have an opinion but that right is reserved for you only? I don’t thinks so! This is America. Everyone has a right to an opinion, you, me and anyone else. We all aren’t going to agree all of the time. It’s okay to agree to disagree.

  22. Baby Jebus says:

    I like her more than Crystal Anthony…

  23. Daryl says:

    Let’s all pray for their son. It is always the children who suffer the most.

  24. SDOT220 says:




  25. Joann says:

    Jason is full of it….if Joumana is so bad why did he remain marry to her for over 10 years. She probably checked his cell phone because she suspected that he was cheating on her…..which could be the case…who knows. These are two people who at one time really loved each other and it is a real shame to see #1 Jason saying all these things about the mother of his children and his wife. Shows what a less then #1 act he is.

  26. extrapolater says:

    I’d think she was considerably more hot if she didn’t have those ridiculous spherical fake boobs.

  27. Lex Steele says:

    Yea baby girl is actually Egyptian. Which is good because that lil boy’s head would only fit into a pyramid!

  28. Now thats a reality show I might wanna watch wives of NBA players and coaches.

    Must be kind of interesting being in a marriage where your spouse’s primary concern is you as her half of the assets. I am sure that both J. Kidd and his soon to be ex-wife will be ok. Too bad they have to play out this ugly divorce in the media. It never ceases to amaze me that two people who promised to love, honor and so on so forth can become such bitter enemies. I hope God does not send one of those good looking overly controlling bossy shrew type womenz.

  29. e.b. says:

    You know what, these athletes are a bunch of dumbasses. it’s no wonder most of them get divorced. By the time the wife wises up to what classless scumbags these athletes really are, it’s too late, and they file for divorce. Jason Kidd is a horse’s ass.

  30. Brenda Comer says:

    Family domestic violence is very common and the highest kept secret among athletes and entertainers. It goes unnoticed and unattended most of the time. There is a definate need for confidential counseling services available and/or mandated to help the people we enjoy entertaining us.

  31. johnl says:

    wish i had a shot to have her as a buddy strong hot and sexy real and smart too smart for a falandering jock and get old together

  32. James says:

    Jason Kidd and wife has been together for years and we the people should pray for them,instead of critizing. Jason and family if you get this. I am praying for you and your family.

  33. dick says:

    J. Kidd has been messing around for a while and has lately been text messaging a friend of mine who he has been chading since last summer.

  34. HE BEAT HER! says:

    Jason Kidd is an abusive, womanizer. He beat that woman to a pulp and his teammates and everyone associated with that franchise knows it. He is abusive, nasty and downright cruel. His issues stem from being biracial and not having the guts to go to counseling to deal with it. I hope she takes everything he owns.

  35. whatever says:

    The Kidds loved each other. There should be counseling available to them, some way for them to get help. Nobody should become bitter enemies like this, especially when they produced three children together, and especially when they were in love! You don’t act like this to the person you once cared deeply for.

  36. Lamar says:

    Jason kidd is a womanizer. Everyone here with the nets knows it. Rumors aren’t just rumors. Have worked with the arena for past 3 years. Joumana was crazy but JKidd is abusive and has a horrible temper. Who knows if he can get a hotter chick than Joumana. He is getting old and looks ten years older than his actual age. I can say that he has front row seats right across from the opposing team and there has been a tall dark headed girl occuping them for the past couple months. Who knows. Maybe he can get a hotter NBA girlfriend than Joumana. We will see.

  37. D says:

    JASON KIDD – please learn to use protection. Do we really need KIDD NUMBER 6??? Oh wait. That’s right. KIDD NUMBER 6 WAS JUST BORN A COUPLE MONTHS AGO. Bet Joumana loved that one.

  38. slam says:

    I know for a fact one of my buddies was sleeping with Jumie for a year and a half and we all new. My friend flew all over to be with her and enjoyed being her playtoy, after a while he quit, she got upset and said “she says when its over.” He bounced and she ended up staying together with Kidd, this was about 4 years ago so she has a history of sleeping around also.

  39. Kevin says:

    You know, It may sound unbelievable and absurd but i actually had an ex-wife that’s just as crazy as she is. So, while there are two sides to every story (usually the men get the bad side of the rap) I actually believe Jason Kidd’s side of things. Ok so the man may have had an affair or what appeared to be having an affair. that still doesn’t give her the right to violate his personal space and violate his physical being. I guess the pregnant girlfriend say’s it all. No matter what you do, if the rooster is going to fly the coop, then he’s gonna fly!!!!

  40. valle says:

    as a woman let me tell you love will make you do some crazy stuff. stuff that you will later realize was really stupid.then you meet the next “one” and do that same stupid stuff all over again.when you put your everything into one of these fools and believe all the stuff they’re spittin and then find out what they are really about it can be quite devastating. ladies,watch your back, don’t believe all the bs.

  41. Rene Gomez says:

    It’s been said that, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone” Dorothy Parker. This is getting ugly.

  42. SPACESCAM says:

    This bitch is fine..definite MILF….But she’s psycho too…If I was Kidd I would of Hit it and quit it a long time ago and wed some ugly chick!

  43. DAN says:

    play hard dog play hard.

    flava vision aint blurry…hockey players pull the nicest dames.

  44. DAN says:

    Baller: refresh my memory who is the guy in the NBA whose wife follows the team bus and talks to him all day becuase the team wont let her on and she thinks he will cheat on her

  45. Can someone please tell me how to get a post removed? I was told about this blog and somehow, someone has posted a comment that appears to have been written by me. I have nothing to do with this and would love for my name to be removed from this post. I do not want to be affiliated with this nonsense!! Unfortunately, I looked at the date on the fake post and it was during a time someone had broken into my email. I just want to make it clear that I DID NOT, nor would I EVER post a comment like the one above… nor would I EVER sell a story about ANYTHING or ANYONE…… I could not find a contact email for someone managing this site, so this was the only way I know how to attempt to get the above comment removed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who knows me, knows I would NEVER write something so childish, so I hope this comment finds the right person to help remove my name from here!!
    Thank you in advance for the help! Whoever wrote that and attached my name should be ashamed of themselves……

  46. Rachel Whitted says:

    A lot of people have this name so get over it

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    She is hot but not as hot as my GF

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